Who am I?

Almost four years blogging, and I think it’s about time this page had a makeover….

As I navigate through the blogosphere and other social networking sites, I always find my mouse gravitating to this page in hopes of learning more about the person whose page I’m currently trolling. Often, a thoughtful question or a insightful thought has my mouse right clicking “Open in New Tab” on the “About Me” page as my eyes eat up the post’s content. And upon pursing the contents of this page I am, quite frankly, often disappointed  by what I see. Instead of the rich glory that permeates the rest of the blog there are meagre scraps here, disjointed words and adjectives meant to encompass an entire thoughtful, breathing being. And I must admit, mine was like that as well. So it may be presumptuous of me to assume you, whom ever you may be, want to know more about me. But here it is, just in case.

This blog is nothing more than insight into my mind. For as long as I can remember, I’ve felt the need to document my thoughts and feelings. My earliest journal dates back to 1996, when my eight year old self documented her forays through public school and the ofttimes cruel teasing of other children. I consumed books with a passion, and my journals reflected the emotions those words evoked in me. As I progress through life, sometimes with strict purpose, other times drifting in the tide, I came to understand that I had the power to do the same to others with my writings. From there, I cam to document my life both as a catharsis and to achieve greater communication with others. This blog quickly became a modern extension of this need. It’s been three and a half years and here is who I am today:

I’m a twenty-three year old, Syrian-Canadian Muslimah. I was born in Damascus, Syria and my family immigrated to Philadelphia, PA, USA when I was all of ten months old (and, as my mother tells it, jabbering blissfully away  in Arabic to all and sundry on the flight over). From there we made our way to Calgary, AB, Canada, where I have lived since I was four. So was I born here? No. But Canada is the only home I have ever known.

I’m a dedicated wife, daughter, student and teacher. I love my husband and my family desperately. Everything about politics, religion and philosophy arrests my interest. I am extremely passionate, empathetic and have been called an idealist on more than one occasion. I’m forging my way in this uncertain world, reflecting upon what I see and come to know through my daily experiences. I believe in justice and freedom, and the opposites infuriate me. I’m hoping to make a difference in this world we live in and wake up each day with a promise to change myself for the better. And, just as often, I hit the snooze button for five more minutes of bliss before the world impinges upon my sensory domain.

I am human. I have my strengths, my weaknesses, my likes and my hates. And I love every moment of my existence.



36 responses to “Who am I?

  1. I love the picture on your header! Is it you?

  2. souvenirsandscars

    Thank you! As much as I’d like to say yes, it isn’t though. I got it and some other pictures off the Hijab Style Blog (http://hijabstyle.blogspot.com/2008/07/berlinerinnen-hijabi-art.html)
    Photoshopped it a bit and hey-presto I got myself a header!!

  3. salaam sister! i’m happy to meet you! i found you through mamamona’s site. i like your blog so far. i’ll be reading more in the future iA!

  4. Rayon Soleil

    Eid Mubarak !
    may your fasts and your worship be accepted by Allah.


  5. souvenirsandscars

    Salaams Shawna! Nice to meet you too, I’m glad you enjoyed my blog 🙂

    Eid Mubarak to you too, Rayan Soleil. Ameen! InshAllah you had a wonderful Eid!

  6. I have been stalking you and I love your blog.
    I had a blog once but I was too embarrassed to tell anyone… maybe i’ll show it to you one day since you have one too 😛
    I should put up some Anumezzer and “S&S” exclusive memories. MUU HAHAHAAAAAAA
    Miss you ❤

  7. souvenirsandscars

    You sneak! I never knew you were reading my blog!! I’m embarrassed.
    But you can make it up to me! Gimmie the link to your blog and all will be well between Anumezzer and S&S once again.

    Jp babe =P.
    I love and miss you too. Very, very much 😦
    Btw. I think the net’s had enough of our memories: first nex, then facebook, and now wordpress?!

  8. crazymuslim

    Jazaak Allahu Khair, insha’allah I hope to do fine…three exams this week means no fun, but khair, should be alright. Have fun with the blogging.

    Oh by the way, as you must know, I love reading biographies and Islamic articles, I found this great scholar Ibn Taymiyah who died in Damascus. Amongst his students was Ibn Kathir (who has probably most famous tafsir written in English) and Ibnul-Qayim (another, famous scholar in the Islamic world). Also another scholar who use to go the lands of Damascus was Shaykh Alabani. Its pretty amazing to know the history of Syria and the vast amount of scholars that used to reside there. May Allah have mercy on them.

    Biography of Albani: http://calltoislam.com/pdf/1420H%20Imaam%20Muhammad%20Naasirud-Deen%20Al-Albaanee.pdf

    Anyways, its been fun reading your blog. Back to studying for me…wait…let me rephrase…Time to start studying.

    Was-Salaamu ‘Alaykum

  9. Salaam Alaikum,

    What an attractive blog, masha Allah. I came here via Oy Habiti. My husband’s Syrian, I’ve visted twice, in fact I just came back from there last month. Look forward to reading your thoughts, insha Allah.

  10. CrazyMuslim – Yeah.. Syria’s pretty rockin’ *sigh* but seriously, I’d love to take some sort of history course on the Imams and their lives. I once saw a play about Imam Shafi3i (sorry I suck at arabi-english). It was brilliant! MashAllah, we have a lot to learn from these people.
    G’luck with your studying.

    Safiya – Thank you =D! That’s great! I hope you enjoyed your visit 🙂

  11. Seen

    Hey there souvenirsandscars 🙂
    Just thought I’d let you know, you have a new fan (translation= someone who visits your blog on a daily, sometimes more, basis :P). I’m a friend of Hiddensouls and that’s how I found out about your blog. btw I’m Syrian, canadian and living in Toronto…I guess that explains why I can relate to a lot of your posts. I remember syria through your posts and it really gives me a different perspective (yes, at one point in my life i really wanted to stay there but everyone would just try to explain to me how living there is different than vacationing there). And syria isn’t the only thing I like about the blogs; i like your poems and pretty much everything I’ve seen about you through your posts.
    Anywayyys…I look forward to reading some more 🙂 and I hope the best for you in all your endeavours.

  12. Thank you Seen!!
    Yeah Syria’s… Syria for lack of a better word (lol). But the funny thing is, as much as a rant and rave about the horrible things, when I think of leaving it it actually hurts. My parent’s have been discussing going back next year, and it grows on you. Wait that’s too mild. It pervades your being? Takes over your senses, and not just through the smell of sewage everywhere?
    Lol. Well I don’t know how exactly, but it becomes a part of you. And honestly I don’t think I’d mind living here.. one day.. in the very distant future 😉

    Anyway, sorry! I’m rambling again!! Thank you for the beautiful comment. Ameen for the both of us, inshAllah.
    Oh and if you have a blog, link please!! I’d like to read yours too if you don’t mind 🙂


  13. Seen

    No, I don’t have a blog…It’s just not something I could do lol.

  14. no2wars

    Great blog 🙂 will check it regularly 🙂

  15. Eid Mubarak to you to Nadia!!! I hope you had a wonderful Eid =)

    No2wars – thank you =) I’ll definitely be back to check up on yours, too!!

  16. faatih


    Habayt bloguki katheer.

    It is nice to have a cyber-canvas on which to paint your thoughts on.

    The most beautiful thing about wordpress though is you can moderate commments..hahaha.


    • Thank you!! What a beautiful way of putting it! Cyber-canvas indeed! Hmmm, I think I’d liken my attempts at ‘painting’ to Cubism then – an attempt to reassemble a complex reality into the many, simpler, and more understandable facets that it is composed of.

      Wow. Well then, there’s the epiphany I’ve been waiting for =P
      Seriously though, thanks =)
      And if you have a blog, I’d love a link!!

  17. faatih

    Well your wish is my command.

    My blog is http://faatih.wordpress.com.

    In order to extend the metaphor of a cyber-canvas, the painting can be done at one’s own pace in one’s own way. It is creative, it is a form of self-expression and in reference to your mention of “catharsis” can be quite liberating.

    Ashoofek baa’dayn.

  18. Thank you for your generous comment on my recent post. By way of it, I’ve discovered your blog, and what a lovely blog it is! I look forward to reading and commenting.

  19. S & S, I’m changing my password…can I please have your e-mail address so i can inform you of the new password/s?

    please drop me a line at schauspiel.vista[at]gmail[dot]com

    I tried but I couldn’t find the e-mail anywhere…maybe its the myopia, LOL.



  20. Faatih – That is truly beautiful, mashAllah. Thank you for the wonderful comments =)

    Marahm – Thank you!! I look forward to reading your comments =)

    Specs – LOOL!! possibly =P
    It seems you found it before I emailed you. Thanks =)
    You’re in my prayers, btw. Hope you’re doing all better!!

  21. Thanks for the comment! Is this Muslimah, Syrian, Canadian in Syria or Canada?!

  22. You’re welcome!! I’ve been in Damascus, Syria since July 06 =)

  23. Ahla wa sala! I look forward to reading your blog then! Nice to find you.

  24. maciek

    ahlan wa sahlan !

    great blog !I’m glad I found it. deep thoughts presented in a sarcastic way – just as I love it. I’ve started reading through the entries and I can’t stop, though I guess it will take me a while to read at least most of them.

    I found Your blog due to my recent search of information about Syria as I am, insh’allah, flying there in two weeks 😉

    can I ask You a favour, since I haven’t found Your addres in the blog, to write me an e-mail, because I would like to ask You some questions about Damascus and Syria in general. I would be very greatful if You could provide me with some informations that I haven’t found in guide books or on the interwebs 😉

    my address is maciek.pekala[at]gmail[dot]com

    btw – I’m from Poland, doing middle east studies, learning arabic and trying to write doctorate on history and evolution on islamic state.

    all the best

  25. ahlan Maciek!

    Why thank you!! I hope you enjoy my humble posts =)
    I’ll definitely send you an email. Best of luck in your studies and travels!

  26. There is a website which is based in Canada. Its an online magazine that deals with various issues within the Muslims living in the west. The Magazine is called The Western Muslim and lately they have been covering the Gaza Conflict. You might want to check out their site and read some of the articles that they currently have. Very interesting stuff. http://www.thewesternmuslim.com

  27. Ive been reading some of your Gaza articles. Good Job on them.

  28. Student – Thanks for the link =)

    Mastmalang – Thank you!

  29. Ryan

    Nice blog. adding you.

    feel free to check out mine


  30. Salam!

    I can’t find your email address–will you email me at muslimahmediawatch@gmail.com? I’d like to speak with you about becoming a contributor, if you’re interested. 🙂

  31. crazymuslim

    Wow, I haven’t blogged in like over 2 years (more or less due to laziness and lost the motivation). I randomly chose to check out your blog again after looking at my past comments, I am surprised you are still keeping up with it, which is kind of awesome.

    Keep it up and hope you enjoyed your Eid.

    • As you can tell from my delayed response, it’s an effort in progress! It does definitely take time, effort, and motivation, and more often than not, months go by with nary a post or comment. But thanks! I hope life, minus blogging, is treating you well =)

  32. Aziz

    i there..
    I am proud of what you do here, keep it up..
    “tell the world” made me cry as a kid..

    aziz… al-saudia

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