Tell The World

As you will read below, this is not my post. Instead it has been passed on, from blog to blog, page to page, a silent attempt at ”telling the world.’ I found it on Attending the World, and I asked permission to repost it on my blog.
Brothers and sisters, please feel free, in fact I encourage you, to repost this on your blog, or to spread the word in any way possible. Let these men, women, and childrens deaths not be in vain. Let us pray together for a brighter future, and an end to this genocide. 

Tell the World

I want to tell the world

By Nahida

This is a Blog post I saw and read on the Palestinian Mother’s forum. I found it so powerful and so important that I wanted to spread this message further on, and I told Nahida that we need to tell the world – together! And I asked her if I could re-post it here, to which she agreed…

I want to tell the world
I want to tell the world
A story

About a home
With a broken lantern

And a burnt doll

About a picnic
That wasn’t enjoyed

About an axe
That killed a tulip

A story about a fire
That consumed a plait

I want to tell a story
About a goat
That wasn’t milked

About a mother’s dough 
That wasn’t baked

About a wedding
That wasn’t celebrated


And a girl
That didn’t grow up

About a football
That wasn’t kicked

About a dove
That didn’t fly

I want to tell a story about a key
That wasn’t used

About a classroom
That wasn’t attended
About a playground
That was silenced
About a book
That wasn’t read
About a besieged lonely farm
And about its fruits That weren’t picked

A story about a church
That’s no longer prayed in
And a mosque
That no longer stands
And a culture
No longer rejoiced
I want to tell a story
About a muddy grassy roof

About a stone
That faced a tank

About a stubborn flag
That refuses to lie down

I want to tell the world
A story

Now Light a little candle for Palestine

Light a candle One little candle
Watch the darkness fade away
Just try it out

One ray of light
Wipes away the gloomiest
Jet-black nights
As the dawn breaks
Just observe
Can you see that
All the might of darkness
In the world
Cannot extinguish
The faintest flicker
Of a beam of light
Light a candle
One little candle
Watch the darkness fade away
You can do it

Did you hear me?


Source: Alice; Jerusalem, Israel
Alice is not my real name. It’s a nickname I took up about two years ago on my previous Blog on Yahoo. I live in Jerusalem since 1995, when I arrived in Israel. It’s been about two years that I started to have a good look onto what’s going on the “other side of the Wall”, and I haven’t stopped to think and write about it ever since…



24 responses to “Tell The World

  1. Sister S&S, this is such a heart-wrenching post. My heart just cries out for all the innocent lives that are lost so brutally, and also for those who are alive to witness this brutality with their own eyes.

    May Allah have mercy on us all, Ameen.

    • And this is why the world should give up on hate. Too many are dying just so one can tells his point of view. Too many are crying hurting the wind with their screams, too many fear what the world is becoming. We should all forget what we have became and concentrate on what we are, humans. It may seam the world is coming to an end, maybe it will but I can’t stop wondering if we will bring the end. Seams we are stalked by a crisis, all thanks to bad planning and greedy people. I just hope the world will know peace before we will witness the end. I feel bad for what happened to those children and good men+animals. But I can’t stop wondering, what horrors did they witness or bared before the moment of their death. Dumnezeu sa ii ierte, si sa ii odihneasca in pace. I’m not used to say this in English or another language, just in my own, and I’m sorry for that. What it means is please forgive them and rest them in peace. I just hope no more of these things will ever happen although… I’m kinda sure more will come…

      • Thank you for your heartfelt comment! Unfortunately, I can guarantee we haven’t seen the last of oppression or injustice. The seven sins seal our fate in that direction.; So long as there is greed there will be oppression, so long as their is hate there will be injustice. I guess it all boils down to us and our individual choices. Understanding or ignorance? Progress or hate?

        And thank you for the wonderful statement! What language is that in?

  2. I have no words, but thank you for posting this. Can I link to it?

  3. niecey24

    I am speechless. Thanks.

  4. You’re all welcome.
    And yes, by all means, please link, or post, or even forward as an email… because there’s very little we can do… but we can spread the word
    So please. Feel free.

    May Allah give them patience and justice. Ameen.

  5. May Allah reward you of these photos..

  6. Wow, that is so touching! I am glad to find your blog. I’ll check back sometime. I enjoyed it.

  7. And I’m glad you found this page =)

  8. Zarin

    Sister, seeing these pictures has made me learn how monstrous Human Beings are.

    The Burnt up child, the carrion child and the child howling as she sits next to a wall splattered in blood – is this what Allah taught us?

    It consumed me! I will pray for them to have strength and hope (they already has shown they do, to survive this).

    Sister THANK-YOU for posting this.


    • Amen to all your prayers!! You’re welcome…
      It’s the least we can do… cause as hard as it may be, what with our hectic lives, we have to strive to constantly remember and pray for them, inshAllah. So I guess this is a reminder.. lest we forget =(

  9. mesbah

    Dear sister

    Its really pathetic to see these pictures. The situation will never change until Muslim ummah rectify themselves with Iman and Amal like the sahabas of prophet (Sm).We are following Jews and Christians in all aspects of our lives.We have to be true Muslims. Only then Allah will help us.Without the help of Allah we can never beat Israel or USA.
    Any comment will be appreciated

    • Unfortunately, every word you said is true. They’re paying the price for our sins.. and the path to freedom isn’t war or retaliation as maybe believe. The first step is self-rectification. InshAllah. I’ll start with me and you start with you, and you never know. Maybe we can build a brighter future =(

  10. Imtiaz

    Dear Sister,
    Thank you so much for doing what we could not do.My eyes were filled with tears as i go through the pictures. Are we human beings doing these acts?? I believe we should be held similar responsible for not standing strong beside the distressed. May Allah the Almighty give us the strength to fight for justice……….Ameen.

    • Brother, I wish I could say I’ve done something. That I do deserve credit. But this is below the bare minimum, and I take absolutely no pride in doing it. What did it cost me? Copy, paste, hit submit. While they pay with their lives… yeah. Absolutely no comparison.
      Ameen to your prayers. InshAllah, we will prevail.

  11. nothing to say.. just tears stuck myself to say anything… this is so called fucking civilisation and culture ///

    • I feel you! Sometimes I chock on helpless rage when I see this, or similar images. But, Brother, we have to make sure we direct that anger into *productive* – and I can’t stress that enough – action. Unfortunately, our tears and our rage does nothing to help them. We need productive action. InshAllah.

  12. My brothers and sisters.. we are with you.. we will tell this story to the world.. we hate Israel.. may Allah give you the strength to fight..

  13. It’s so heart breaking.May Allah help the sufferer.

  14. Marium

    I wish I could say more but I could not stop crying looking at these pictures. Inshallah Allah stays with them and gives them patience while the rest of the world gets their act together and starts helping all of humainty, regardless of race and religion. It’s so easy to imagine our own families and loved ones in their places. The classroom pictures, and the yound girl screaming will haunt me for a while. May Allah help the oppressed, and JazakhAllahKhair for sharing this.

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