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Islam and Science

I attended an event hosted by the Western Muslim on campus the other day titled Islam and Science. To some, the content may have been a revelation of sorts. For me, the documentary presented basically hammered home the message my father had been made sure was deeply implanted in my and my brothers’ heads.

“Do you know what Muslims were ya baba? Scientists. Everything we know, from algebra t0 algorithms to medicine to chemistry to astronomy. Muslims, they were the founders of these science, ya baba. Allah yerda3 3alaykum (May Allah be pleased with you).”

Threaded throughout this heartfelt reminisce would be the central message: we, as Muslims growing in the West, had a duty and an obligation to take advantage of our position and once again bring fame to a Muslim name (rhyme unintended).

Now you can imagine that with that kind of perfectionist personality beat into my head, I’ve grown up more than a little of anal-retentive with a touch of OCD. But that’s besides the point, especially as my professor reassures me that all great men and women have a little OCD in them.

Following this presentation, a short talk was given by our chaplain, Sh. Fayaz Tilly. Jazak Allah khair to the brother; although he is not, as he proclaimed, in any way a scientist, he did his best under what seemed to be exceptionally short notice.

What irked me, however, was the discussion that ensued. There was one gentlemen in particular, non Muslim, evolutionarist (or as my professor is wont to call them, educated beings), who seemed to be there to raise some hackles.

Question 1: Now, I’ve never read the Quran and don’t know much about it. But let’s say, hypothetically, that science proved a statement in the Quran to be undoubtedly wrong. Let’s say, it said the Earth is flat. I don’t know any real examples, but let’s say it did and science showed that no, it’s actually round. Would you admit to being wrong?

My problem with this? How on earth do you expect to be taken seriously at any form of debate or discussion by arguing a hypothetical scenario after claiming complete ignorance? HOW? Were the reverse true, were I, as an identifiable Muslim, to attend a scientific discussion and proclaim that although I know nothing of the subject matter I wanted to throw my two cents in, I would be ridiculed. Please don’t be demeaning.

Question 2: (following Sh. Fayaz’s reference to embryology in the Quran). So did Mohamed mention the reptile gills and monkey tails then?

I will admit there were other, relevant questions that were aimed to gain answers and not entice hatred. Nevertheless, I wish some people would give-up on the let’s enrage the Mozlems and see what happens game! Frankly, it’s getting old!


A link to the documentary: 

And I will find a link for a comprehensive explanation of embryology and the Quran inshaAllah =)


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MSA Hike ’09

MSA Hike 2009

"No more up!" some guy who was hiking.... as in peak of the mountain. I'm right on the left of the girl in pink. Amazing view, eh?

I went hiking with the MSA on Saturday. It was straight up exhilarating!!!

The way up was unbelievably easy.. when compared to the way down. Because, well I had to go. As in go go. And there were about 35 guys with us, some behind us and some in front, as well as random people jogging, cycling, or hiking. And a bunch of girls who I wouldn’t have put it past to snap off a pic with me heeding the call of nature. So what’s a person to do?

I ran down the mountain. All that jogging came in handy because it was around 2 hours straight speed walking and full out running (depending on the terrain).

Then relief alhamdulillah, and forty minutes spent soaking my poor, aching feet in the lake till the others caught up.

Isn’t it beautiful though?

And then we spent the bus ride back either passed out from exhaustion or, in my case, high off adrenaline. So we played Chinese telephone, and those hand games? Remember them? Stella ella ola, concentration, rocking robins, miss molly, Charlie Brown? Oh, and telling dirty jokes, hahahhaha.

Loooooveed it! I can’t wait to go again <33

Oh and if you’re wondering were this is, it’s near Kananaskis in Alberta. We hiked the jewel pass, which is near Barrier Lake.



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