A Modern Knight in Shining Armor

Meet Rachid Nekkaz. Some of you may know Nekkaz as a businessman. To others, he has become a savior of sorts. This Algerian French ‘tycoon’ has pledged to pay the fines levied on any woman wearing niqab in a country in which it is banned. Because as he says:

I’m in favour of a law to convict a husband who forces a women to wear the niqab and who forces her to stay at home. But I’m also for a law that lets these women move freely in the streets, because freedom of movement, just like any freedom, is the most fundamental thing in a democracy.

Alhamdulillah there are still men like this.



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4 responses to “A Modern Knight in Shining Armor

  1. Subhanallah! May Allah (swt) reward him!

  2. I read somewhere that he himself has political aspirations, and that this is merely a way to gain the sympathies (and votes) of the Muslims and those who are against that moronic ban. I don’t know how accurate that is, though.

    Regardless of his intentions, it is a really commendable thing to do, so may Allah reward him for what he’s doing. Insha bel niya al tayba.

    (Oh, hi. Long time no see :p)

  3. Salaam Alaikum,

    It’s been faaaar too long since I last came here, when did you get married? Mabrouk to you both 🙂

    Hope all your family in Syria are well, Insha Allah.

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