Mr. and Mrs. Bigfoot

Last winter my husband browbeat me into a pair of Uggs. I harbor an intense hatred for these clunky boots and the foot-dragging that ensues when they’re worn. After enduring endless complaints about my frozen toes and how I was positive I’d receive notice of their inevitable amputation before winter was over, my husband forced these on me:

All aesthetic complaints aside, the things are bloody warm. It’s been two long winters, they still look like new and I have toasty warm toes all day long. Anywho, Mr. S&S  came to me complaining of cold, wet feet last night so off to the mall we went. Pay back, I hear, is a wonderful thing, and so he is now clunking around in these:

Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Bigfoot. *clunk clunk clunk*



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2 responses to “Mr. and Mrs. Bigfoot

  1. Ayesha

    LOL! You may be wearing ugly shoes… but at least you’re doing it together 🙂

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