Blah blah blaaahhhhhhh

Random thoughts on my mind:


  • I hate how once you’re tagged as “religious” every word out of your mouth is seen as preaching. Any opinion you offer is seen as an attempt to convert people. You, however, as a religious and therefore ignorant, narrow-minded, ass-backwards individual are subjected to the double-standard that is the modern-day education system and all and sundry’s opinions are shoved down your preaching throat. And don’t you dare, not for a second, consider retaliating with an opinion! ‘Cause then you’d be preaching and, God forbid, imposing on other people’s space… and so the cycle is perpetuated.
  • I try to ponder the situation in the middle east and all I get is static silence. My brain has nothing. Painful hope and overwhelming fear fill me, but no coherent thought.
  • I Can Not Live Without A Car. Repeat: CAN NOT LIVE. As in DIE.
  • Exercise and I have become somewhat separated… and by somewhat I mean I haven’t stepped foot in the gym in about five months. No wait. I lie. I went once… half an hour of panting on the treadmill and I had to drag my sorry, abused butt out of there to cry in the car. This is not good. Not Good. At All.
  • Housekeeping? I don’t like it. I cook, and I cook quite well. But laundry? Bathrooms? Floors? Shoot me. It would be the less painful of the two.
  • Victoria’s secret is opening up in Calgary… the real-deal not that preteen Pink store. And I can’t figure out when. I die.
  • Everybody asks how marriage is. It’s fine, it’s wonderful, it’s great – and I’m not just saying that. Yes we misunderstand-argue-clash-claw-tear up-apologize-profess our endless love-and repeat quite a bit, and yes there are times when I want to headdesk the bejezuz outta my brain but it’s worth every damn second because we’re doing it together and it’s forever, inshaAllah.
  • Marriage is good for the bank account. Forget what everyone says, I’ve saved more money since I tied the knot than I ever have in my 22 years before marriage.
  • Which reminds me. I’m turning 23. I don’t know why that seems so old.

And I’m out! Have a meeting to plan Calgary’s 2011 Women’s Eid Banquet! Great initiative. Great stuff.


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One response to “Blah blah blaaahhhhhhh

  1. Ayesha

    Long time no see! 😀

    Haha Eid is coming soooon hope your Calgary Banquet prep is going well :)!

    Update, girl! Miss ya!

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