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Calgary Barbies

Oh. My. God. Disturbingly true… but oh, so funny!

Calgary Barbies. If you’re from Calgary, a highly elitist city I might add, you’ll shake your head on the one hand and cringe in shame for knowing it’s true on the other.




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Constrained Writing

It’s been so long since I’ve written anything meaningful. I mean, sure, I’ve been updating my personal journal periodically, but I feel stagnated; as a writer, I am neither developing nor progressing. In part it might be due to egotism. Score a high grade on an Eng Lit course, bag compliments from all and sundry and your ego will swell accordingly. But, conversely, I feel as though this increased egotism has resulted in an increased skepticism in my own work. I’ve become more critical than ever before. Every sentence is examined excruciatingly, flayed bit by bit, picked at and mulled over.

There is a solution, thankfully. First, this is unedited. Raw. I’ll accept what I am, what I can write and grow from there. Second, I’ve been recently introduced to constrained writing. William’s taking English again and he’s delighted to be the first to introduce me to this form of writing.

The first: writing without repeating a single word. Apparently, it has been done before. There is a book, the title of which eludes me.

The second: writing using only one vowel or, univocalic writing. The Canadian poet, Christian Bok’s best selling Eunoia takes this on, conquering a vowel in each of its five chapters. Interesting side note, eunoia, which means beautiful thoughts, is the shortest word to contain all five vowels. Pretty cool, eh?

In a sense, I’m reminded of twitter. I’m sure you’re all familiar, but you’re meant to convey your thoughts, actions, opinion, ideas and all in 140 characters or less! While you may initially think that amount more than sufficient, you’ll be surprised to learn that you have to get creative very quick.

Well I already tweet, so coming up next is univocalic writing…. I wonder which vowel to choose??


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