Live Long and Prosper, Canada

I think this is the second or third year this winter tire commercial comes on, and I still laugh uproariously each and every time. In fact, it came on the other day while Mr. S&S was being manly with the thermostat. He must have heard the tell-tale signs of genius, because he came running (literally) and practically fell to his knees when he realized he had just missed it.. Oh,  Midas ❤

Anywho, this is for all the non-Canadians who probably have to withstand the harsh winter cold without this endearing touch of humour. Or wait. You non-Canadians probably don’t even have to withstand said harsh, cold winters…. well, then. Regardless. Watch.



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2 responses to “Live Long and Prosper, Canada

  1. Ayesha

    OMG This commercial…

    It makes my winter!

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