Taking the plunge

Would we ever know cold, were it not for warmth?
Would we ever understand slavery, were it not for freedom gained?
Would hunger gnaw so keenly, were it not for satiation?

Mirages have been forming in my head for some time now; broken sentences and fleeting emotions. They’ve been circulating around the periphery of my conscious thought, tempting with their hope, taunting with their insubstantiality. It’s because of this I hesitate, because of this old, scarred wounds sear with warning. For what better lesson than burning scars and fragmented remains?

This begs the question:
Would we – would I – ever truly know loneliness, were it not for love experienced and lost?

My delaying these chronicles, the documentation of these mirages, would suggest not. But this too is an illusion, an illusion of safety. Debase this illusion, strip away the superfluous veneer of safety and you’ll discover a cavity of cowardice and fear. A wasteland of cold, slavery, hunger and loneliness – never quite understood, but persistent nonetheless.

Embrace life, embrace love.
Experience the depth and breadth of emotion.



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2 responses to “Taking the plunge

  1. Ayesha

    Good for you for having this realization, bb! Love this new site scheme btw 🙂

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