Dreaded Questions

We’re all familiar with the “does this make my butt look big?” question. And all males, if they value their lives and mental well-being, are painfully aware of the correct response: the part of her anatomy in question could look like a full moon rising, yet a heartfelt “heck naw! You’re beautiful!” is always expected.

Likewise, when a female is faced with the question “Does this make me look like trashy?” any girl who values her life, no matter how worthless, will shake her head adamantly in the negative. “You? Trashy? Hun, you couldn’t even pulled it off if you wanted to! You ooze elegance” and more of the like is generally expected.

So when a friend, dressed up in red fishnets, a playboy-bunny-esque bustier, bdsm heels and a miniskirt up to there asked me if the fishnets were too much, I prepared to do as I should. Before I could though, she cut me off with a vehement mutter:

“Ahh, screw it.. I’m getting married in a month. It doesn’t matter anymore.”




Filed under Cultural Observations, Humor

8 responses to “Dreaded Questions

  1. hahahaa. it’s so true,so very true.

  2. ROFLMAO @ the cartoon.

    Well, I’ve stopped asking people if it looks ‘slutty’ LOL. Like your friend said… 😉 Who cares anymore! LOL!!!

  3. fourthreichisrael

    Too funny! lol

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