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Mordecai Briemberg and Freedom of Speech

Today, I had the privilege of attending a lecture featuring Mordecai Briemberg, a professor and a peace activist, at the University of Calgary. The event was hosted by the university’s SPHR club – Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights. People like Briemberg give me hope. They give me vision, and they give me strength. Through these people, I can feel the pulse of the future beating, and suddenly I’m not alone, the end isn’t quite as far off, and a solution is not only feasible – it’s imminent.

Now I’ve been to so many of these, read so many books and articles, watched so many documentaries and news reports I’m rarely, if ever, shocked by what I see. In fact, it’s usually a gruesome reminder of losses. But today, unlike any other day, I learnt of Canada’s involvement. Its involvement in attempting to – and often succeeding in – restricting the rights to freedom of speech, employing censorship, as well as a general lack of ‘democratic’ values.

I mean, I’m not blinded to the fact that censorship *does* in fact occur. But I was never fully aware of the extent of it. Example: The days following the earthquake in Indonesia, front pages: Globe and Mail, Sun, Herald. Even the Metro Newspaper was running front page coverage. And then we have the National Post. Front page? An interview with the kindly, old, frail, oppressed, and misunderstood Kurt Westergaard. Doesn’t your heart break for the man? Having to endure 10 houses and countless cars to escape the wrath of those goddammed fundamentalists?

Earthquake what? Over hundred dead who?


So thanks Briemberg. I pray we all have your courage and vision to continue to fight the good fight.



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Go ahead, take a guess

Exams… what’s the point? Why can’t you just take our word for it?

Or,  in the words of my wonderous History prof:

“Exams are basically a game by the name of “guess what’s in my head.” Well, I’m currently thinking about whether I’ll get to play Batman on X-Box over this weekend. How is this relevant to your course? Exactly. It isn’t.”

Thank the Lord for reasonable teachers =)


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