Back to School Vibe

I LOVE back to school. I love that feeling of new supplies just waiting to be used, the anticipation, the promise of a whole new chance to finally realize your potential. I love the smell of new books =/. That crisp paper smell. Yumm.

I bought my textbooks and they look amaazzzing! I’m taking four courses this semester. After two years of nonstop psychology courses I’ve decided to broaden my horizons, take a look at what else is out there. So I registered in Anthropology 203 – Introduction or Social Anthropology, Philosophy 279 – Logic I, History 307 – The Contemporary World, and of course Psychology 383 – Personality. I really, really wanted an English Lit course, but those were booked full so quick, by the time I realized what I wanted and how to go about getting it, it was way too late. It’s all good though! I still have two more years – three if I can get that combined degree! – to take all the courses my geeky heart desires. I  can’t wait to get started. Only three more days =D



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14 responses to “Back to School Vibe

  1. Dear God, your list is so hard! All those courses would be like my pre-exam night mare. 😀 But if you enjoy them, I hope they turn out as exciting as you think they’ll be. 😀

    And new school supplies? *squeaks* OMG, I LOVE that! That’s my favorite part of having my own money; I can buy stationary! 😀 Yay!

    • Okay, so initially I would have said not hard at all! Three weeks later and you’re talking to a much wiser S&S. Yes, oh yes! Buuutt, three weeks later and I’m just as in love with my school supplies <3<3 esp. my eggplant coloured U of C binder =D

  2. Ayesha

    Your courses look really interesting! 😀

    I’m taking a history course this semester as well (first year) and I’ve got English Lit. Humanities Major, win! B)

  3. S&S….

    well.. don’t take this personally, but… ummmm… you’re sick! 😉

    Sorry I couldn’t resist! Loving school and the smell of books? Oh My! Wake up and smell the Hummus instead. :p

    But seriously, I admire your intellect!


  4. DaughterofPearls

    I used to be like that once upon a time…Occasionally that side of me surfaces up…
    But I love hearing about people that are like that 🙂
    May Allah make it an Awesome semester for you!

  5. Ayesha


  6. i like your blog, i thik i’ll add you to my blogroll. & i can totally relate! love that crisp book smell.

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