What’s your flavor?

You’re all probably familiar with the faith-o-meter. That elusive yet very real measurement of just how well our faith is doing. And you notice its fluctuations based on how that faith translates over into your life. Are you going to the mosque more often? Murmuring an ‘alhamdulillah’ after you sneeze? Thanking God more often than usual?

Well for me it’s always been my eyebrows. They too fluctuate according to my deen level. Right now, I’m at an all time high. I’ve decided that my tomorrow begins today, blah blah blah, etc etc, so I put an end to it. The plucking that is. And I’m now sporting two, untouched fringes above my eyes. They’re not that bad. Just very untouched. Huh.

Right, so a friend was over, one that I haven’t seen in about two years, and she remarks upon them.

F: You looked so much hotter before. What in Syria it’s halaal and in Canada it’s haram? What an embarrassment! You’re going to university.
S&S: Embarrassment how?
F:  You look like a monkey.
S&S: Thanks, I love you too oh buddy mine! But seriously, embarrassing how?
F: I mean, uni’s full of hot, eligible guys.. no one’s going  to look at you twice like that..
S&S: *with the whole excuse me attitude* Habeebi, those guys can kiss this goodbye. I’m not into that. It’s all about the brothers who wouldn’t like it any other way… the one’s with their beards down to their navel, you feel me??
F: EWWWWW!!!!! That’s so gross!

LOOOOL! Thing is, she was sooo serious. Haram. This was while we were putting the food down for iftar. I think she lost her appetite.

But seriously…

Do you know what I’m saying?!



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6 responses to “What’s your flavor?

  1. Ayesha

    I totally get what you’re saying! As for me, I’m definitely trying to keep up my faith but sometimes it’s really hard… InshaAllah it’ll get easier with time

    BTW: isn’t it AMAZING how your whole appearance changes when you get your eyebrows done?! That’s always astounded me! How can one feature so define a person’s face?! 😐

  2. InshAllah =D. It’s all about how bad you want it. SubhanAllah, every time it gets tough I just think of the lengths I go to for my courses, or for work, or to get a some material thing, and I realize if I could do it for that then I sure as hell can do it for this. And YES it does change!!! But it’s all good. All for the sake of Allah (swt) inshAllah =D

  3. DaughterofPearls

    SubhanAllah may Allah keep you and all the women of our Ummah steadfast! Don’t forget that whoever leaves something purely for the sake of Allah, Allah will recompense him with something BETTER, inshAllah.

    I remembered a story of inspiration regarding this specific topic:
    ‘Abdullah (ibn Masud) said. “Allah curses those ladies who practice tattooing and those who get themselves tattooed, and those ladies who remove the hair from their faces and those who make artificial spaces between their teeth in order to look more beautiful whereby they change Allah’s creation.”

    His saying reached a lady from Bani Asd called Um Yaqub who came (to Abdullah) and said, “I have come to know that you have cursed such-and-such (ladies)?” He replied, “Why should I not curse these whom Allah’s Apostle has cursed and who are (cursed) in Allah’s Book!” Um Yaqub said, “I have read the whole Quran, but I did not find in it what you say.” He said, “Verily, if you have read it (i.e. the Quran), you have found it. Didn’t you read:

    ‘And whatsoever the Apostle gives you take it and whatsoever he forbids you, you abstain (from it).’ (59.7)

    She replied, “Yes, I did,” He said, “Verily, Allah’s Apostle forbade such things.”

    She said, “But I see your wife doing these things?” *Here I roll my eyes..subhanAllah..women..May Allah have mercy on her*

    He said, “Go and watch her.” She went and watched her but could not see anything in support of her statement. On that he said, “If my wife was as you thought, I would not keep her in my company.”

    • Alhamdulillah!!! Although, I must admit. I don’t quite get the artificial spaces between the teeth. Must have been a contextual phenomenon =/

      And LOL at the eye roll. Ohhhh yesss. Our sex does have an unfortunate habit of acting very airheaded at times, may God guide them 😉

  4. Ahh, faith-o-meter, what an interesting concept. I think mine would have to be music- the more I listen to, the worse my faith is doing.

    And boo yah to the brothers with beards! 😛

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