Spoof like you’ve never seen!

K, while this might not be Islamicaly sound, it’s vastly amusing! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did =)

Here’s a quick translation of all the Islamic terms:

Iftar – meal that breaks the fast (when the sun comes up). Panculturally most awaited time of any day, hands down
Witr – one prayer. You do the sequence only once.
Sahoor – meal that starts ones fast (before the sun comes up). Panculturally, the time of day when the most stuffing of the face ensues
Thob – long white robe wore by men.
MashAllah – Whatever Allah (God) wills. Said when you see or do something good
 – prayer
Jammat – congregational prayer
Qiyyam – prayer at night (supererogatory)
Dhikr – remembrance of Allah.
Fajir – morning prayer (before the sun comes up) or…
Fajir – the time of day before sun comes up
Jummah – Friday congregational prayer
Taraweeh – congregational prayer after the night prayers, exclusive to Ramadan
Akhi – my brother!
Masjid – mosque
Jumma – also Friday.
[covered in black spots] – refers to a heart that has sinned. Each sin results in a black dotwhich stains the heart
Alim – scholar
Kufi – we all know what this one is
Sidi – sir, also like buddy, or pal
Hooka – waterpipe
Haram – non permissible
Maghreb – prayer that occurs at sunset



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4 responses to “Spoof like you’ve never seen!

  1. Ayesha





  2. Dima

    iftar (when the sun sets*)
    i love youuuuuuuuuu

  3. “smelled the curry i the back” LOOOLZ.

  4. Ayesha – I know, eh?? It’s been stuck in my mind all week!!

    Dima – oops! My bad =/

    Specs – LOL! I LOVED that line =D

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