Ramadan ’09 – 01

Every year I do the same damn mistake. I leave off my days till the last possible minute, and end up fasting them directly before Ramadan. So, I practically start a week earlier than everyone else. And while it’s nice because that way I get some practice in and the first day isn’t as hard on me as it is on others, it would be nice if it was by choice rather than having to do it because I falied to do it earlier.

But it’s all good. The first day was reallllyyy easy. I was craving cookie dough like you wouldn’t believe though. It’s all my fault =(! I became a fan of cookie dough on facebook, and then went through the pictures. OHMYGOD in heaven. *sniffle* I made my Dad drop me off at Shoppers so I could pick up some serious chocolate on the way home from taraweeh though. And then I couldn’t eat any of it…

Speaking of praying at the mosque. I heart fajir prayer there like you wouldn’t believe <3. Only I get there with about enough time to pray the taheeyat and the sunnah and then we start. Tomorrow, I’m going to make an effort to go a little earlier so I can just sit there and reflect and read some Quran.

And speaking of reading Quran, who’s on page 41? That’s riiighhtt! Moi! Why am I so excited? Because this is only the second time I’ve ever read so far. I have a confession to make… I’ve never read the whole Quran. Never, ever never. The furthest I’ve gone is 49. So would you look at that; living in Syria did pay off! *gasp*

And, finally, speaking of Syria. I miss Ramadan there sooooo much =(. I’m honestly considering spending next Ramadan there. You never know. If our house in the Sham is empty by then (there are tenants right now) why not?? It’d be nice to be all alone (LOOL. right. with my family? Imbossible. But a girl can dream, no?)

Ramadan Kareem everyone!!!!!



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5 responses to “Ramadan ’09 – 01

  1. Ramadan mubarak, khayte! (:

  2. I do that too. I get so thirsty but not hungry, it’s weird cause when I diet I’m hungry and have to force myself to drink water.

  3. Mushu – And a Ramadan Mubarak to you too! I hope you’re enjoying yourself =)

    Mona – Ughh! I feel you! But I get intense, and extremely random cravings. Right now it’s garlic. I want something garlicy and I want it now! Lol. Ramadan kareem hun ❤

  4. DaughterofPearls

    Ramadan Mubarak!

    May this year be special in that you read a record amount-inshAllah the whole Quran-but if not that then may all of what you read be worth loads of ajar and be filled with understanding and practice ❤

  5. Ramadan Mubarak to you too Daughter of Pearls! Thanks for the dua’a (ameen inshAllah, for everyone who is reading the Quran), and thank you for sharing all your wonderful poems with us =)

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