YES! (and not just because I’m fasting… *ache* *groan* *growl*)

A few years ago I read a story, and it’s been with me every since. Anytime I want something, or I plan to go for something I remember this story and I ask myself just how bad I want it.

Once, a man went to a Sheikh with a compliant. He said “Oh Sheikh! I want, more than anything, to see the Prophet Mohammed in my dreams. But I never do. Can you please help me?” The Sheikh said that he could and took the man into his house. At dinnertime, he called him into a room, where he served him platter upon platter of salty fish. Not once did he offer him a cup of water, and not once did the poor  man ask for a cup of water. The man waited patiently for the Sheikh to give him some water, but dinner time turned to bed time, and still no water. The Sheikh left the room, and the man grew hopeful. But when the Sheikh came back, all he carried were linens for the bed. He left again, again without leaving any water. The man, thirsty though he was, went to sleep.

The next morning, he woke up and realized that he hadn’t seen the Prophet at all. When the Sheikh came in, it was to see a livid man, who claimed that he had failed in his promise.

“Well,” asked the Sheikh, “what did you see?”

“Water!” spat the man. “Jugs brimming with water, water cascading from waterfalls, rivers, springs, wells, lakes… any form of water you can imagine I saw in my dream last night, but not once did I see the Prophet!”

The Sheikh replied “when you thirst for the sight of the Prophet as you thirsted for water tonight, then and only then will you see him!”

It always leaves me asking, all those things I procrastinate on – and the list is quite long – just how badly do I thirst for them? Do I crave them? Because if I did, then I’d surely have found a way to achieve them rather than leaving them simmering on the back burner for so long.

Alhamdulillah, I’ve started with a few… after God alone knows how long. Here’s to the rest then, inshAllah!!

So how badly do you want it?



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9 responses to “Thirsty???

  1. GeekiSiddiqui

    Wow! Excellent post and excellent story!

  2. I agree! This was very inspiring!

    I’ve bookmarked your previous post and I think I’ll print out this one 🙂

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  4. What an interesting story, thanks for sharing it!

  5. I’m glad you guys enjoyed the story =D
    It never fails. It always forces me to take a critical look at my life. Alhamdulillah =)

  6. Wow, that’s one thought-provoking story! Thank you so sharing it with us. I pray that you and your family have a blessed Ramadan. May Allah accept your deeds and prayers.

  7. Ayesha

    Ramadan Mubarak (please ignore the growling of my stomach)!!!

    Thanks for sharing that story! 😀 Very motivational, actually.

  8. wow i loved the story!

    Ramadan Mubarak! Kul 3am wa antum bi khair

  9. Nadia – Ameen, and to you and your family as well ❤

    Ayesha – Ramadan Kareem sister!!!

    Sadiyah – I know what you mean! And Ramadan Mubarak to you as well =)

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