Lookin’ for some Blackberry luuurve 03

Piss off [noun] – An event or situation for which there is no solution or is forced upon you by circumstance. Usually involving something that could have been avoided if the other person would just change!

Y’all know my bold right? Well I bought it exactly 16 days ago from the source for a sum of 249.00. Today, I was informed that the price had gone down 100 bucks. I called The Source to see if I could get a price match and… I’m one day late. ONE DAY!  They have a 15 day and prior policy, and I’m on day 16. The piss off? My dad knew about it two days ago, which would have effectively put me at 14 days – thus safely within the 15 day or prior policy.

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuut. It’s all good, alhamdulillah. Hasan Al Basri used to say:

I reached my level of piety through four things:

1. I know my Rizq is written and would not be taken away from if Allah has decreed it, so I remain content.

2. I know nobody will do my actions for me so I do them myself and don’t rely on anyone else to do them.

3. I  know my Lord is watching me so I don’t want Him seeing me commit any sin.

4. I know one day I will be standing before Allah (swt) so I try to keep myself prepared for that.

So it’s all good. I was never meant to get that 100 dollars back….

By the way, I LOVE number two!!! SubhanAllah, it’s what I try to live my life by:

Be the change you want to see in the world.”- Mahatma Gandhi



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2 responses to “Lookin’ for some Blackberry luuurve 03

  1. Ayesha

    Aww that’s too bad, sweetie!

    Well, c’est la vie 😀

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