**Below is yet another of my gratitude posts. You have been duly warned**

Asalaamualykum! (May peace be on you, you, annndd you!!)

Honestly, it’s straight amazing. I can’t even say that phrase anymore without thinking of the implications behind it. It literally translates “may peace be with you.” So much more heartfelt and meaningful than hi, eh?

Right, so on to the gratitude.

  1. alhamdulillah thuma alhamdulillah for everything Allah has blessed me with. After three long years of struggle, and feeling like everything is constantly up in the air all I can say is thank you Good Lord for everything! All the pieces are falling into place, and all my hopes are coming true. I mean my job, my uni, my volunteering, and more are all coming true!
  2. Thank you God for my community. I know this is unbearably corny, but be patient with me. I feel… supported. I’ve always been the odd one out, both in Canada before I left and then again in Syria. I never felt like I was with people who wanted what I wanted, who had the same vision or goal. And now, alhamdulillah, I found it =)
  3. Alhamdulillah for my strength. I’ve taken three major steps in my life and I feel like each is a leap and a bound on the path I’m yearning to walk. One of these was the whole “To Pluck or not to Pluck” issue, and alhamdulilah we’re back at Not Pluck; this time for good inshAllah. Because this time, when I had my sit down with myself it was crystal clear that I was doing this for the right reasons, which is yet another thing to thank God for.
  4. The course I’ve recently attended. A Heart Serene offered by Al Maghrib. So it’s a four-day course complete with an exam, and alhamdulillah it tied in everything above and then some. I have never, EVER laughed so freely, cried with such elation, or hugged so many people in my life. It was brilliant. No wait. That’s inadequate. It was astounding. Reviving. Enlightening. I can’t wait till the next course =D
  5. My parents. I love you both more than you can ever imagine. Thank you for loving me unconditionally, spoiling me rotten (solo chicka with four brothers, watchu expect?), being whatever I need, when I need it, and caring enough to let me know when I’m wrong.
  6. My blackberry! I don’t know where I’d be without you.

There’s a lot more – everything basically – but today has been one of the longest days of my life. I want sleep and I want it now!

ps: I have a goal: be a better blogger! What on earth happened to a post a day?! Yeesh!

Goodnight world!



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2 responses to “Purification

  1. Loved this! It’s great to hear people praising the Lord! I’m glad things are going well for you right now. 😀

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