Poetry Competition, eh??

I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and submit my poems in for a competition (the incentive of 500 dollars for first place has nothing to do with it, obviously). Soooo, because I kind of believe my poems are very amateur, I was wondering if you, Oh Faithful Readers, could read over some of the poems I have posted up on this blog and take this poll and help a sister out!

The poems are:

Threads of Life
Your Pain or Mine?
Look What You’ve Done
The End
Faded Teardrops
A Piece of My Soul
The Power of Words
Fajir Prayer

If you guys could pleeeeeeease take a look at them and then take the poll, I’d love you all for life <33

Thank you =)

– a Desperately Lost Sistah



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8 responses to “Poetry Competition, eh??

  1. Took the poll 🙂

    I hope you win this competition, inshaAllah.

  2. All are strong and beautiful, yet there’s one that I love over the others.
    Voted, and added a little prayer as a bonus 😉

    (Aw, how I’ve missed your blog!)

  3. I took the poll too…

    You should totally participate! You write awesome poems!

  4. Ayesha


    what happens if I heart all of them? D:

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