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Lookin’ for Some Blackberry luuurrrvee 02


The bold. The boooooooooooold. The BOOOOLLLLDDDD.

I love it. It’s gorgeous. Amazing. Mine. My precious.



Heaven. Right here on earth. Who’da thunk it?



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Lookin’ for some Blackberry luuurve

I’m the type that falls into obsession at first sight. It’s uncontrollable, irrational, and irritating, but one glance and it’s final: I.Have.To.Have.It.Now.Dear.God.Please.NOW

And that is, unfortunately, what happened the second I clapped eyes on the Blackberry Bold. Unforunate because it’s going to leave yours truly 300 dollars lighter at a time when I’m building my life up from ground zero. But what can I do? I even went in to get – what my Daddy calls – its little sister: the Curve.

Uh, no. Nothin’ doin’.


Buuuut that’s not going to happen. Two weeks. Less if I can talk my dad into (yet another) loan. Ugh.


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During my jog today 02

I haven’t gone for about two weeks what with late nights studying, volunteering, and not being able to get up in the mornings, so today I said enough was enough. We didn’t wake up in the morning, so we went at around Maghrib time, which is about 9:20. I got my sweats on, my drink on (water bottle lol), filled up gas, picked up my jogging buddy and we were off down 69th like usual.

In the morning it’s quaint. Very little traffic, and all the other pedestrians are joggers who make a point to look you in the eye and smile a ‘hello.’ It’s a greeting, encouragement, and support all rolled into a flash of teeth. The world is waking and you’re witnessing it.

At night it’s a whole other world. That time of day is my favorite. A lot of people say sunrises are beautiful, alluding to fresh beginnings. But I’ve always been a sunset girl. Dusk is when I come to life, when the air fills with anticipation, the skies darken, the world comes to life in a dizzying array of colours. It’s fleeting though, close you’re eyes and open them and in that swift second the world has changed.

So there we were, collapsed on the curb  near my car in a parking lot, drinking water like it was going out of style, and discussing stand up comedians, of all things. When this car drives by twice, the first time zooming by, then slower for a closer look, with this white kid gaping at us. It parks a distance away, does  a U turn and comes in for one more go, this time outside the parking lot, on 69th. He leans out, screams a very eloquent “FUCK YOU,” and revs off.

By this time it’s full dark, and my friend was getting kind of antsy. It’s Sunday night and Calgary’s dead, or at least this area is. But why the hell should I?? Jugding by the look I got of the kid, he’s younger than I am! I was, quite literally,  here first and I’m not moving till I’m damn well good and ready to move!

After the spurt of anger, it was emptiness. These encounters, while rare, always leave me drained of hope. And soooo confused! Ugh.  I will never, ever understand racism or prejudice.

Alhamdulillah for the life I lead, which has taught me respect and tolerance above all else.


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I break you don’t, I was always set to self-destruct though

Where you stand tall, I cower
Where you are firm, I falter.
Where you are sure, I stumble.
Where you are whole, I crumble.

When I cower, you shield me.
When I falter, you steady me.
When I stumble, you catch me.
When I crumble, you heal me.

I was listening to If There’s a Rocket Tie me To it, right after listening to Al-Imran by Saad Al-Ghamdi, and this kinda wrote itself. I know they’re fundamentally irreconcilable, but they both have such a tremendous impact on my life. I ❤ music and the Quran is my life.

Anyway, this is totally irrelevant in my life, as I’m the one that’s always running around picking up the pieces – both my own and others – but there you have it. Alhamdulillah.

But, sometimes…. sometimes I wish I knew where this was all going!


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Until you give in

Why won’t you let me in? Your pain is my pain, your wounds my wounds. Yet all you see are our differences, highlighted, underlined, capitalized in bold black. You begrudge me my blessings, scorn my pain.

Yet for all the pain you cause me, you are my heart, my soul. I love you. Come tomorrow, I’ll be here, patiently waiting, forever and a day.

So why won’t you let me in?

Fix You – Coldplay

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Poetry Competition, eh??

I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and submit my poems in for a competition (the incentive of 500 dollars for first place has nothing to do with it, obviously). Soooo, because I kind of believe my poems are very amateur, I was wondering if you, Oh Faithful Readers, could read over some of the poems I have posted up on this blog and take this poll and help a sister out!

The poems are:

Threads of Life
Your Pain or Mine?
Look What You’ve Done
The End
Faded Teardrops
A Piece of My Soul
The Power of Words
Fajir Prayer

If you guys could pleeeeeeease take a look at them and then take the poll, I’d love you all for life <33

Thank you =)

– a Desperately Lost Sistah


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Kk, all better now =)


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