My Private Parts

Although I didn’t take this photo, I did see it on the way to Vancouver and laughed my ass off. Seriously, I almost drove right off the road. HilARIOUS!!

If you’re not getting it, that’s okay. Cause this is for all y’all who insisted on calling me Wally – although you spelt it Waleee. Anyway: Enjoy!!



Filed under Canada, Humor

9 responses to “My Private Parts

  1. Hahaha! What was he thinking?!

  2. LOL….that’s hilarious! Ol’ Wally ain’t got no shame!


    Wally isn’t making a play on the fact that his name is also very close to a ‘private part’ (sorry to be so crude) but everyone called this .. oh wait, his name WAS ‘Willy’ Wonka. Okay uh anyways.

    I hope he doesn’t have young kids. They’d be teased mercilessly at school!

  4. Ayesha


    Wally is so shameless, with the private parts out there for everyone to see!

    on a side note, you’re gonig to Vancouver?!

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