On Theft and Teaching

I bought a yoga ball. I left it by my car while I walked off – literally 2 meters away – to grab something.

I came back and there was no yoga ball in sight. But my car was still there, alhamdulillah.


I was really looking forward to starting today. Ugh. And I’m finding it very, very hard not to curse your thieving ass, whoever you may be. Ughhh.

On another note, work rocks. This kid, T, is so cute! He’s always like “ugh, my hand hurts! I’m going to use my nother hand for a while!” LOL.

And I have a feeling he may be borderline pathophobic. He’s constantly complaining of what aches, or hurts. He starts off his day with “Hi. I’m okay. I’m kind of feeling tired, because I slept at 20 minutes yesterday….” *makes this aren’t I so cool and rebellious? face* or “my throat’s scratchy, so I’m going to drink water all day, okay? and then I probably have to use the bathroom.” *dead serious face*  But it’s sooooo cute!

Alhamdulillah =)



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6 responses to “On Theft and Teaching

  1. Some people actually steal yoga balls?!

    PS: Glad you’re enjoying work 🙂

  2. Aw, I hate when people steal things. That stinks! Work does sound fun. What do you do? If you told already, I’m sorry. I’m reading backwards on your blog now.

    • It does =(! I mean even if it’s *only* a yoga ball, it was – for a short period of time – *my* yoga ball. And now it’s gone =(.
      It’s okay, lol. I teach at an Oxford Learning Centre. Weird isn’t it? I first taught because of situational factors (I was was in Syria) and now I’m doing by choice… strange.

  3. Ayesha

    Oh my Allah XD

    you have noooo idea how much I laughed when I read this post! I can’t believe someone stole a YOGA BALL! (OF ALL THINGS?!) LOL sorry sorry, I know you’re disappointed but come onnnn it’s sorta funny right!

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