Conflicting points of view: where you see white, I see black.

Israel: Road map to nowhere.
Aijaz Zaka Syed (arab news)

Former US President Jimmy Carter is one of those rare birds who have retained their humanity even after four years in the world’s most powerful job. The architect of the first Arab-Israel peace accord was moved to tears when he visited the ruins of Gaza this week, comparing the condition of the Palestinians to “worse than animals.”

compared to:

Jimmy Carter’s Middle East Tour
Paul Kujawsky (

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter is almost beyond understanding. He is trained in nuclear physics, yet when it comes to the Middle East, he’s no rocket scientist. A self-proclaimed champion of human rights, he invariably cozies up to dictators and thugs—no tyrant is too repulsive to embrace. Too intelligent and too experienced to be genuinely naïve, too consistent to be forgiven as erratic or bumbling, one can only conclude that he is driven by ideology. Like so much of the illiberal Left, Carter thoughtlessly favors the “small and weak” over the “big and strong,” instead of asking more pertinent questions of “right” or “wrong.” If a group portrays itself as the victim of “neo-colonialism,” “occupation,” or “racism,” Carter will take up its cause, no matter how vile its principles or conduct.




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8 responses to “Conflicting points of view: where you see white, I see black.

  1. Ayesha


    hrm hrm hee. Yes, it’s quite ironic how this Peter guy talks about ‘right vs. wrong’ as if he actually knows who is right, as if he’s actually ever stepped foot in Palestine!

  2. I wish we could all tour Gaza before jumping to conclusions about the situation. When people visit Israel, they are often whisked off to the tourist spots — the holy cities and places. They are carefully guided AWAY FROM the prisons that are Gaza and the West Bank. At least that’s how it seems to me.

    • Too true! I was reading one journalists memoir of his visit to the Holy Land, and he said the exact same thing! He had to independently go into the Palestinian areas, and he said that they wouldn’t provide him with anything: not even a car or an escort. And he went on to talk about the disparity in such a small region. I wish I could remember his name! That’s why I believe everything should be taken with a grain of salt. The news that reaches us is so very often biased… and that includes the Arab/Muslim media as well, unfortunately.

  3. williamsgraphics

    The fact is that there’s plenty of wrong on both sides of this conflict, and the only way to achieve peace is for both sides to renounce violence. It requires a leap of faith, but this approach has worked, for the most part, in Ireland. That’s the only approach that can work, short of annihilation.

    • Well said! That is the only option. However, as I’ve been told countless times, it’s a hopelessly idealistic one. Both sides would rather remain as is, and fight to the death, rather than show an iota of tolerance!! Headdesk

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