Adventures into the world of cleaning

Because my mom isn’t here, cleaning and laundry services have been delegated to yours truly. Crazy I know. What on earth are my dad and brothers thinking? I mean, I’m clean. In the sense that I like clean things. But I don’t know how to clean. So far, I’ve managed to ruin the laundry machine – it’s hello laundromat for the next little while – burn our kettle, and splatter the kitchen with hot oil. Fearing for the safety of his house, my dad took over the kitchen. I’ve gotten better though….

But the point of this post isn’t my complete lack of householdy abilities. The point of this is a shout out to my buddy, Mr. Clean. I vividly remember watching Mr. Clean commercials as a kid, and kind of falling in love with his reassuring yet daring presence. He had an earring! He was muscly! He came to the rescue!! He winked! All that and a lemony fresh scent!

But, as I was unexperienced in all matter of the household, the relationship was never actually sealed. Enter a desperate need to clean the showers/stove/oven/fridge and the magic eraser into the equation, and we have cemented our relationship!

As it turns out, my faith in Mr. Clean was not unfounded. The sparkly clean state of my tubs, showers, stove top, and oven are all due to that deceptively small brick of odorless foam. It is amazing. I am in love. Mad Mr. Clean Love going on <33



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5 responses to “Adventures into the world of cleaning

  1. By the way, if you’re in need of a laundromat, my family owns one 😉

  2. Aren’t you people the luckiest! Here in Pakistan, we just get Lemon Max LIQUID that has to be used with a sponge and then wiped off with a cloth/newspaper/whatever’s handy.

    Though this metnion of Mr. Clean reminds me, there used to be a blogger who used to blog @ brainsmoke… he wrote about his children visiting his Indian parents and then running out seeing a statue of Gandhi saying, ‘Dad, come, look, its Mr. Clean!!’ Needless to say he tried to hush them quickly before anyone overheard, LOL. 🙂

    • Lol! It sure feels good to be one of ‘you people’ again! For the longest time I was the poor, unlucky people!
      LOOOOOL!!! That is the funniest thing!!! That reminds me of when *I* was a little girl, the President’s son in Syria had died, and everyone had pics up of him. So, one day in the middle of the street, I was like “mama, whose that? One of Syria’s most wanted?” She couldn’t shut me up fast enough lol! Kids. We’re so cool… er.. I mean they’re.. lol =P

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