Living for today

I’m the type of person who worries, incessantly, about the future. I don’t know how to slow down and enjoy what I have; I’m constantly focused on what I need to get done, and what I should have. An example goes like this: I wait all year to turn a certain age (20 for example) and then when I’m 20 I’m preoccupied with turning 21. I round my age up approximately one day after my birthday. So I spend 1 day being me, and 364 waiting around for the next 1 day.

The same thing generally applies to everything in my life. I need to get my drivers. I get it, enjoy it for the day, and then feel completely unsatisfied till I reach b) a car. For so long it was moving back and going to UofC and now that I’m accepted, I should be basking in it. Instead, I’m impatientely waiting for the fall, worrying about what degree/courses/major/minor etc I’ll be taking, and generally unsatisfied.

My dad finally had enough. I was discussing cars with him, and he’s like stop. Take a look at your life. Why are you always running after what you don’t have? Enjoy what you do. And he’s right. I mean, it took a while but I’m finally there. I’ve got a great job, registered to begin volunteering soon, I was accepted into UofC, I’m giving a lesson at the mosque, I have great friends, I’ve started jogging regularly again, I’ve got my license…

Turns out all that’s missing is some appreciation. I’m going to take it slow from here on in. Right now, alhamdulillah, my life is going great! So why not live for today? Enjoy the fact that I’m here and I’m me. The rest will come in time, no?



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20 responses to “Living for today

  1. DaughterofPearls

    Sigh…that would be a personal profile on me. I hate looking at life like a checklist, because I know that if Allah gives me life to get all the checks down, I will wish I had enjoyed it.
    You’re right- we are missing Appreciation. And Gratefulness. “Little are those who thank….”

    • Too true! When I look back at years that have passed, I always wish I’d lived more in the moment. And yet I fail to do it now. But that’s all about to change, inshAllah.

      ps. that quote if very poignant! It just hammered the point home =) JAK

  2. That’s a great way to think of life!

    MashaAllah you’ve been showered with blessings… good thing Allah guided someone to tell you to look at them and enjoy them to the fullest. 🙂

    Things like thsi happen with me too! A lot! guess He just keeps reminding me with gentle nudges 😉

  3. I think your message here is written directly for me lol. I’m always running around and can never sit still.

  4. Oh how is the book you’re reading (on the side?) it looks interesting.

    • Yup! I’m half way through and so far it’s pretty darn amazing =). It is very interesting, about a young woman’s fall through society (starts out as the daughter of Mr. President’s buddy buddy and filthy rich, ends up as a maid in London). And, underneath the story, is her spiritual journey, which is riveting! I can see myself in so many of the passages.

  5. Ayesha

    Of course the rest will come in time! Your dad is a Smartie McSmartpants, you should listen to him =)

    But I can totally understand your anxiety about university! I’m going through the same thing! (Gonna start at UofT in the fall, aah, pray for me!)

  6. You’re so blessed, mashaAllah! The most precious blessing being your father, who reminds you of your blessings 🙂

  7. Sadia

    You’re lucky i tell you! You have a great father to remind you of what you have accomplished in life 🙂 You still have the chance to take things a bit slowly cuz you have someone there for you to remind you of the little things of life too! I’m happy for you that you are surrounded by soo much love!

    It is also totally human to worry a bit about the future, especially us girls tend to do that often. I often feel like i’m running a maraton against time because i feel all the time i have to do a lot more to balance out the flaws in me but the end of the day i’m all tired and ungrateful for the treasures in my life. I’m trying to remind me of that we all are going to leave this world someday and should be living a weel planned life with the chance to enjoy time right now.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Haha, yes definitely alhamdulillah! I love my parents to death =D

      I know, but it’s a struggle to change! Like today, I’ve had to mentally redirect my thoughts around twenty times already!! I need to focus on the here and now… but, like so many other things, it’s easier said than done!

      And true that end of the day thing! You spend all day racing time, and then come night fall you’re restless and empty, and you feel like you have nothing done, because all you can see is what has to be done tomorrow.

      Gratitude, my friend, is the key that will set us free 😉

  8. Sadia

    Sorry, the comment got a bit too long!

  9. Dima

    I love you! and i like caught up on ur blog 2 nights ago… i have exams btw. =DDDD
    i miss you like crazy. and im proud of you 😉

    • I love and miss you too!!!!! Aww poor D! When are your exams over? I should go onto to gmail chat.. I miss you so much =( I hope you’re doing well. I’m praying for you babe <33
      And thanks! 3a2bal 3andek! =D

  10. yeah!!

    I had kind of same problem.. its still there.. But I have almost won it over! running away from present costs one with boredom and dissatisfaction most of the times…

    • That is so true! It becomes a chronic illness you struggle to overcome. I hate to say this but I have to admit that this post was written a little under a year ago and I’m still in the same boat, attempting to get out. Such is life, though. I’m glad to see you’re close to winning your particular battle though!

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