And to discriminate only generates hate…

Yesterday I went to the N.E to pick up my Successful Completion of Driving School Certificate. Anyway, I got there early and decided to kill some time at a garage sale that was right next to the driving school’s office.

So, being a) a hijab-wearing woman and b) with my very Arabic looking Dad sometime we get certain reactions. Sometimes. And sometimes it’s just because the person we’re talking to is a class A grouch, but other times it’s because… well a) I’m a hijab-wearing woman and b) my Dad is very Arabic looking.

Anyway, this garage sale was kinda like that. I kinda picked up on the vibe when I walked up, said hi, and they kinda just looked at me like “you’re not welcome here.” Giving them the benefit of the doubt – and because I had spied a stack of books and a box of CDs – I decided to stick around.

I make a bee line for the CDs, and this adorable kid comes up to me, all smiles. Can I help you? Would you like anything? This costs this much, and it’s a great deal! He’s ssoooo cute!

I end up buying a Maroon 5 CD (1 dollar! whoa yeah!!) and my dad gets some gardening thingy. I lean over to pay the kid, and thank him for being such a great help. And I notice it: he’s Jewish. More specifically, an Israel supporter. His T-shirt says something about Israel being our only home ❤ ❤ ❤ ordained to us by God – pretty heavy stuff for a nine year old. The dad sees me eyeballing the kids T-shirt and kinda gives me The Look. Yeah, we’re Jewish. Got a problem?

No. Not in the sense that you think.

The fact is this kid is still innocent. And he’s about the same age as my brother, whom my parents have made a habit of educating the right way. Like during the siege on Gaza, he came home swearing at Jews. As in “May all Jews be dammed” in Arabic. He got it baad. My parents don’t tolerate racial intolerance, period. They took the time to sit him down and explain the difference between Jews and the Israeli administration and military, and that our conflict was only with those who refused us – or Palestinians, I should say – our rights. Not with Jews everywhere, and not even with all Israelis.

But, the fact that my brother came home saying that is evidence that other kids were taught to say it. And when I look at this kid, and his parent’s obvious negative reaction – intolerance, dislike, mistrust – of me and my faith, I can’t gelp but wonder how he’ll end up.

And I worry about the state of the world. How can we ever find a resolution if our children are taught to hate?

That’s my problem.



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2 responses to “And to discriminate only generates hate…

  1. Oh, I completely hear you! I have a major problem with people teaching their children to hate! I really really really really admire your parents’ attitude and teachings about this. I wish all parents would do as they did for your brother. I’ve seen YouTube videos of some things Palestinians and Israelis teach their children in cartoons and children’s programming. I really hope they were just made up because they made me sick. I just don’t think hate needs to be taught. We have enough of that that comes naturally, it seems.

    Also, may I admit something (blush)…if you the hijab-wearing woman along with your very Arab- looking father came to my house, I would probably be staring. NOT because I don’t like those looks, but because I would be sooooooooo interested in talking to you both if possible! 😀

    I get bored of the same ol’ people I see all the time so anyone interesting looking (read — different than me) makes me happy!!

    • I know!!! I’ve seen a lot of those pics and video clips that surface, about parents teaching their children racial intolerance, and kind of kindling and fanning the flame of hate in them. And it really is sickening! Children are born innocent, and corrupting their minds at such a young age is just gross.
      Did you hear about the case of the 10 year old girl in Winnipeg, whose mother drew swastikas all up and down her arms and told her things like pakis are dogs, and they should be either killed or go back to their own country. UGH. WHY? Isn’ the state of the world bad enough? We’re on the brink of total self-destruction through hate crimes for God’s sake!

      And LOL, I wouldn’t mind that kind of attention! I think we’re all interested by one another… how could we not be? Such seemingly conflicting yet similar cultures and life-styles! I especially love making comparisons, and then realizing that would you look at that, we’re all human after all! Gives me hope every time! =)

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