Memory activation through auditory association

So so far readjusting to life in Calgary has been smooth sailing. I just kind of picked up where I left off. Kind of too busy cramming three years worth of to-dos into one summer to really enjoy being back, but happy alhamdulillah. And if, every once in a while, I feel a little tug of nostalgia, I assuage it with either the amazing, fresh taste of a Subway sandwich, or a walk to the library.

But right this second my dad has Um Kalthoom playing, and the sun is shining, and if I were in Syria, listening to Um Kalthoom, I’d probably be in those cafes in Old Damascus, soaking it in.

Could it be? I actually miss Syria?? I thought it’d take at least 10 years for all the adverse effects to wear off enough so I’d be able to think of Syria without my gag reflex kicking in…

But I guess we’re always surprising ourselves, eh?



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4 responses to “Memory activation through auditory association

  1. Ayesha

    A bit of the ol’ Stockholm Syndrome, eh?! Sympathizing with the captor?

  2. I thought you liked life in Syria. (scratching head) Did all those marriage proposals get to you so now gag reflex and Syria together? Hmmm. Well, it’s good to read something from you, and it’s great to see that you are fitting in again. Did your Canadian friends think you’d changed any? Any luck on finding a job? 🙂

    • Ehhh… it’s kind of complicated. I *do* like Syria. I just didn’t like being there for so long. LOOOL. And plus, I really missed Canada. When you add all the pros and cons it turns out that I disliked being away from home more than I like Syria… and I disliked certain things about Syria (ie. the consistent marriage proposals) more than I like other things (ie. Old Damascus).

      And YES they do think I’ve changed. Apparently, I’ve matured veeeeerrryyy much!! And I’m very pretty now.. which says a lot about how they seen me three years ago, loool. Kinda makes me wonder why they never said anything back then ^o)

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