As American as apple pie…

As American as apple pie and as Canadian as possible under the circumstances.
-Heather Scott

While I was in Syria, a few of my American friends would ask me to say ‘about.’ And then when I would and they’d say “no, not that way. say it like you say it!”

Since I’m generally an unperceptive person at heart, I had no idea what they were talking about. And then I remember reading this book where this Canadian guy is made fun of because he says ‘aboot.’ I’m like a-what now??  As I Canadian, not born but definitely raised, I think I’d know whether we say about or aboot! And we definitely don’t. Say aboot that is.

And now? Well I’ve been back for nine days and all I hear is aboot and oot. And it goes without saying that it’s very, very strange. Hearing an accent in your own country? Your home and native land?? Not so comfortable. It really makes those three years stand out. Or should I say oot??

-confusedly yours

ps: special shout oot to  my Mum: if I loved you any less, I’d say absence makes the heart grow fonder. But I love you so much, it’s just not possible. I miss you crazy, and I love you more. xoxo to you, MiniMe, and Will.I.Am. <3333



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10 responses to “As American as apple pie…

  1. Ayesha

    HAHAHA Finally you post again! I was getting tired of making up reasons for your absence (my personal fave: you gorged yourself on maple syrup and poutine after your 2-year stint in a maple syrup and poutine-free country and gained so much weight that you couldn’t move anymore!)

    LOL, do we really say ‘aboot’? I have never said it and don’t recall ever hearing anyone say it… maybe it’s just the western part of the nation that does that?

    So are you gonna tell us what it’s like being home after so long or should I just make up another story in my head 😉

    • LOOOOL!!! Ouch! Verrrry funny, but couldn’t you have come up with something a little more realistic like say ‘after landing at Calgary, was immediately recruited by The Society Of Those Who Made It Back Intact – Physically, If Not Mentally – After A Three+ Year Stint Overseas’? Cause they *have* called me up, asking me to join them as a guest speaker on their tour in the mid east. You might have heard of it? If We Made It Out, So Can You! Only since it involves actually going back overseas, I graciously declined =P

      And yeah, we do. And it’s not a hick thing. The Telus automated operator asked me “what are you calling aboot? Your phone or internet connection?”

      Idk. Might be a Western thanngg.

  2. Aww. well, it won’t take too long till the little-voice-in-your-head also starts to say aboot 😀 That happens a lot to me… my brain changes voices with locations (I’m aware of how weird tat sounds)

  3. LOL, yes, you Canadians do say oot and aboot! After having lived abroad for awhile, one will surely hear the regional accent of “home” upon return. When I returned to the Midwest USA, I was mortified to hear ugly our accent sounded! In fact, I couldn’t always understand it.

    I remember meeting a woman named “Junn” and I thought, “That’s a funny name,” until I glanced at her nametag, which said “Jenn.”

    There are other ugly perversions of the English language that my compatriots use, but I won’t bore you with all the gory details. Good luck keeping free of your own!

    • LOOOL!!! Well, my situation is quite as bad as yours. I’ve kind of noticed Canadians have a distinct intonation, which I either a) lost or b) never really picked up on. It is kind of ugly loool, so either way I’m glad it’s gone (if it was ever there???). Good luck to you too!

  4. Welcome back to Canada 😀

  5. Well, it’s “aboot” time you posted again. 🙂 I always think of “aboot” and Canadians, too. Hope you are readjusting well. Write more when you can.

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