Flawed Plans

So I had a choice, regarding the date I’d leave Syria. Either I’d leave with my two younger brothers on the 3rd of May, or wait till mid June and leave with William and my mom. So I figured since I was leaving and leaving, I might as well hang on that extra month and enjoy a nice Syrian summer.

Well, we all know that Arabic saying – or at least the Arabs do. “You plan and I plan, and God does what He plans” – or something. So a few morning afterwards I wake up revving to go. I’m planning on hitting the gym – which I haven’t set foot in in a month – and registering for a full month. I get dressed and go to tell my mom, and walk in on my mum and brother talking.

The topic of conversation?

William wants to leave in July.

Well that’s all well and good for Will. I, on the other hand, have a problem with that. Namely my courses that expire at the end of June. The courses whose exams I’m planning on writing in Calgary. The exams for which I have to be physically present IN Calgary in order to write. You feel me?

So here I am. Leaving in nine days. May 11th, 12:45am.

Goodbye Syria. It’s been a fun – if exhausting – 2 years and 10 months. See you in the future. Distant that is =P



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20 responses to “Flawed Plans

  1. Is it bittersweet? I can imagine. Please keep blogging!

  2. Great to read something from you. Been missing your posts. Sorry you have to leave sooner than you wanted. I wish you much joy living in Canada again. Take care. 🙂

  3. Have a safe trip to Canada and do continue writing.

  4. Ayesha

    ;_____________; OMG YOU’RE COMING HOME

    I ams so excited. Yes, I ams.

    I hope you’ll continue writing, though!

  5. Have a good trip.

    The saying is ‘Man proposes, God disposes’ Whatever it is, it will be the best or you, InshaAllah.

    Did you explain that to William? That you’d like to stay on longer? What’d he say?

    • Aha!!! So it is. The Arabic one is slightly different, but essentially the same. Funny how things like that are pancultural.
      And yeah I did. He’s staying on for a few more months with my Mums, and I’m leaving in *gasp* four days!!! He’s pretty cool though, lol. Took it pretty well =)

  6. well it’s about time you wrote something! Maybe the abundance of great Syrian food really affected your thinking hijab! :p

    have a safe trip to Canada insha’Allah…

    Oh and did you see my latest post?


    • LOL. Actually I think it’s lack of food that’s got my thinking hijab glitching since I can’t really eat when I’m stressing. But anyway, thanksss!! And yes, I did see that last post. The pic won’t load, but I received the joke in a forward. lool.

  7. Salaam Alaikum,

    Hmmm, I still think you could have waited til November 😦

    Anyway, May Allah grant you a safe journey and happiness in Canada. I’m sure you’ll miss Syria a lot, even if it is a very annoying place sometimes.

    • Aww. I’m sorry =(

      How long are you staying for? I’m going to send you this American lady’s number, in case you need anything or want to take a look at the foreign community in Damascus. They’re really chill =)

      And yeah, I know I’m going to miss Syria like crazy. But sometimes you got to do what you got to do! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did (on the good days ;))

  8. I am from Calgary as well (I think you asked me a few posts ago where I was from). Im glad to you that you will be in my city 🙂

  9. Are you serious? That would be so cool! Inshallah things will work out for you and yea, we’ll see each other on campus! If you don’t have my email address, its studentdiscourses@gmail.com (its also on my blog). Please do email me, it would really nice to meet a fellow wordpresser. Good luck with everything my friend 🙂

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