Tabula Rasa

I’m on my brothers computer, because mine has been reduced to an inanimate hulk of plastic, metal, and chips. I’m not quite sure what exactly happened, as my computer skillz are limited to pushing the ‘on’ button and accessing the program I want. The behind the scenes on-goings are completely beyond my comprehensive abilities, but I’ve been told it has something to do with viruses and my C drive. Oh, and my rams might be messed up. And my hard drive (uhh whaa?) is shot to hell. Basically, I have to rebuild my computer from the inside out (the out would be the front jacks, which are … oh forget it. Suffice to say ‘not working’). 

And the worst part? The absolute WORST part?!? 

My files are gone. 

ALL. my files. 

my books. my music. my pictures. all my old essays. 

This is what I get for praying for a ‘fresh start.’

Even though it’s sort of my fault. My brothers have been telling me to back my files up for oh, about a year (since my last wipe out). And I did… or I thought I did… or wait, no, I did, but then I  


why is this hitting me in stages?!? I’m out before I remember anything else =(




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14 responses to “Tabula Rasa

  1. Oh do I feel for you. Is it definitely all gone?

  2. You have my total sympathy for the loss of your files. I know. The writing, photos, music, etc, are more valuable than the computer itself.

    I, too, suffered a catastrophic meltdown recently, but the local Best Buy store was able to salvage most files. The hard drive had failed, not from viruses, they told me, but I was not convinced, so I bought Ad-Aware anti-virus anti-malware anti- everything else. Now I do scans every couple of days.

    I bought a portable hard drive to back up my files, but I have yet to actually do the task. I hope I will not have to learn the same lesson twice.

    I hope you find a way to retrieve your files.

    • When I read your comment and totally ran off to tell my computer geek brother annnnddd I may just be able to save some of my files!! But, according to him, most are going to end up corrupt, so it’s sorta you and your luck with what makes it through the trauma of formatting.

      But I am sooo with you. The first thing I’m going to do is get a top of the line anit-everything. And the second’ll be to buy some back up. I’m not going through this again!!!

  3. Ayesha


    my computer crashed too! Just this Sunday! XD “Fresh start”, huh? I guess that’s why people say ‘be careful what you wish for’!

  4. I am so sorry! Ugh! I often have that fear of losing everything.

  5. I hope you can get stuff back, you probably will, there must be a cure for that!.. I would hate to lose my old stuff, even papers from high school saved!

  6. Well, I was about to tell you not to panic but everyone else here has told you positive steps! 😀 Hope your brother succeeds in retrieving your data!

  7. S&S… the solution to your problem is simple. Really! I guarantee that you can get ALL your files back!!!

    Call the FBI and tell them you suspect that some Islamist files may have made their way into your computer.. and of course it was unauthorized access! They will immediately send someone to recover every file! They have what we don’t: the latest and greatest. Even if your hard drive and files were FORMATTED… 🙂

    So relax and let them do the work for you! When they finally leave, you can send me a thank you note for their “free” services…



    • LOOL! That reminds me of that joke…. the old man sends his son a letter telling him he plans on digging up his potato garden but he’s too old or tired to do it (or something). Then the son’s like “NOT THE GARDEN!! I hid ‘the thing’ there!” The next day the FBI, CIA, SWAT, etc show up and dig the entire garden. Week later the dad sends his son a letter thanking him..
      Services put to good use, eh? =P

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