Ignorance is bliss. Or is it?

So I figured the best way to tackle a problem is head-on, you know? Just take the first step, and you’ll gain enough momentum to make the whole nine yards. So that’s studying, which has not been going well. Other than my exam marks: 91 on that Research subject and 99 on Statistics. Am I on fire or what? 

Anyway, in my social psych textbook there was this:

Tobacco Warning: ImpotentAnd it reminded me of when I used to work at Mac’s convenience store, and I’d be passing a pack with this warning to some guy. It always made me laugh when they’d shudder and be “Dude, not that pack!!” like I’d screwed up. Like just because it was out of sight out of mind and they could avoid the ugly truth.

Makes me wonder why we insist on lying to ourselves about the obvious. How much of our selves is the honest to God truth and how much is the smoke screens we throw up so we won’t have to confront that truth? 

I know a lot of people who believe ignorance is bliss. Why know about all the gruesome stuff out there if you can’t change it? Like the monster in the closet. So long as you don’t open it, you can’t deny it. But you can’t confirm it either. Ignorance is bliss. Or is it?

I believe I’d rather know. Just because I can turn a blind and go back to my ordinary and blessed life, doesn’t mean life doesn’t go on for countless people out there. And it ain’t pretty.



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7 responses to “Ignorance is bliss. Or is it?

  1. Very thought-provoking post….hmmm. I live in the land of “ignorance.” Really. Yes, I am generalizing HOPEFULLY more than is needed, but I don’t see an overwhelming number of Americans who take an interest in things happening in other parts of the world. Only if it affects them. I read a book not long ago and the major news stations said the people demanded not more news, but …. NASCAR 24/7! Sorry Palestinians, sorry Sudanese, sorry Hmongs trying to survive in the jungle! We want to see what’s happening with Junior, Tony Stewart and those guys instead! :-S

    Well, I can’t scold them much. I was one of them for way too long (sans NASCAR). I am glad God decided I needed to wake up and lead me to information and people who showed me realities beyond my borders. I can’t say I am happier for knowing, but still. I can CARE more and, hopefully, DO something.

    As for the cigarettes. This reminds me of when we were in the Istanbul airport. One of the duty-free shops had cartons of cigarettes for sell. Unlike the smallish warnings that I am used to here, they had directly under the labels on the boxes in rather big type:

    Warning: Smokers Die Younger


    Warning: Smoking Kills!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts here! Enjoyed ’em!

    • Hmm.. hopefully you are generalizing because that would be seriously dejecting, to say the least. But, unfortunately, I don’t think you are. And even worse, if possible, I don’t think what you’re explaining is unique to Americans. A few months after the whole Gaza thing and someone actually said to me “she had to delay her flight because of that thing that happened in January… what was it again?” Oh I don’t know, just the death of 3000 people about an hours drive away from here.
      Other than that, I sometimes wonder if my, what I hope is, nonignorance is a product of who I am – as a Muslim and thus automatically one of those under constant scrutiny – or who I am – as in I’d be this way regardless?

      That’s self-reflection for you!!

  2. Ayesha

    I think people want to remain ignorant because it somehow saves you from responsibility. 😦 Sad, but true. Aah! What a monster is humanity!

  3. GeekiSiddiqui

    If I cover my eyes the world will disappear.

  4. GeekiSiddiqui

    Its definitely joking. Unfortunately, I think its the attitude and intelligence of all too many.

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