WOTD: expurgate

expurgate \EK-sper-geyt\, verb:
to remove objectionable words or passages from a document

I’m proud to say that I expound a great amount of effort every day expurgating my oral communication so that it better resembles coherent speech and not a string of cuss words broken by various, seemingly random nouns, adjectives, and verbs of a none cussing nature. It’ll require herculean effort, however, to expurgate my conscious. It’s quite creative, and sometimes I literally pause and wonder at the phrases it comes up with. Were I not so concerned with expurgation I’d consider copywriting a few. But I am. So I’ll have to tackle my mind next. Mind over matter and all. Or in this case, morals over mind? Hmm…



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7 responses to “WOTD: expurgate

  1. Ayesha

    Veeery innuresting m’dear. But I must say, your efforts are not in vain! Every entry (and every spoken word, I’m sure) of yours is wonderful and eloquent and with just the right words ;D

  2. Huh?

    ExburJay what? You should call the operator man and ask him.. that would be one heck of a conversation! 🙂


  3. man my head hurt trying to understand what that meant! lol..

  4. Dima

    i need to learn words… update!!
    btw dad said he cant let u do the exam tomorrow… =/

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  6. Where are you? Been missing you!! I posted some pics from our trip to Syria if you want to see them. They are at FB and also some are on our blog. Different pics in each place.

    Write a post soon and let us know you are alive and well! Please!

  7. Ayesha – Aww shucks! Thank youu

    ATW – LOOOL!! As I highly doubt my operator friend exerts any form of expurgating when talking, I think I’ll refrain from it. My ears blister easily loool =P

    Hiddensouls – lol, sorry!!

    Dima – tekramiii. Lol. Shami enough for ya?

    Susanne – akk! Pictures!! Expect many, many comments from yours truly. It’s my all time favorite pastime, lol.

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