WOTD: Tome

tome \tohm\, noun:
a large, often scholarly, book

I have a book obsession. That’s not to say shoes aren’t amazing. And socks. Yum. But they place a pale second next to books. My future’s real murky, but one thing is for sure, inshAllah. The house I’m going to live in is going to have one of those huginormous libraries. The ones with vaulted ceilings and either a second level balcony or those wicked sweet brass ladders for the really, really high books. They’ll be categorized. Or at least they’ll start off that way. But one section’ll stay constant. The one stock full of those tomes that scream “smell me!! bask in my musty glory!!” *sigh* I can picture it now: heaven on earth.



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5 responses to “WOTD: Tome

  1. That would be my dream house!

  2. Ah! One cannot get closer to perfect contentment than in a house full of books!

  3. i love the library in beauty and the beast! your description reminds me of it.

  4. This post made me sigh. Insha Allah one day…
    I’m working on it, though. It’s just that the fact that my room is too small and there is no space for a third bookshelf, that’s putting me a little off, now. Siiiiigh.

    But, um… socks?

  5. Liya – I know, eh?

    Marahm – My thoughts exactly!

    Meow – Whoa. That library is intimidating!! I was thinking same amount of books… only with a cozier feel to it. With comfy couches. And carpets. Just in case you pick up a book, become engrossed and can’t wait to make it over to the couches before you read =P

    Mushu – Aww! Well that’s better than me. I left all my books in Canada, and my parents sold ’em off when they moved. I have to start from scratch!! And yes. Socks. =D

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