WOTD: osteopath

osteopath \OS-tee-uh-path\, noun:
a practitioner specializing in treatment chiefly by manipulation of the bones and muscles

If I continue drinking coffee and avoiding calcium the way I do now, I’ll need to see an osteopath for osteoporosis by the time I’m 30, no doubt about it. And while I may be able to handle the pain, I don’t think my stature can handle the loss of inches. I’ve come to accept 5ft 4″ as my cut in life. Any shorter and I’ll have to take drastic measures… 


That would be my current background. And this is typed whilst drinking my second mug of coffee of the day, preceded by two cups of tea at breakfast. Lord, shoot me now.



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5 responses to “WOTD: osteopath

  1. I’ve read that if you put milk in your coffee, you’ll cancel out the loss of calcium from the coffee with the addtion of calcium from the milk. I don’know whether that’s true or not, but it sounds good!

  2. Heheh… I’m trying to cut down the habit of drinking nescafe every morning … like if it is mandatory … I think it hurts the stomach….

  3. Marahm – That’s pretty interesting. But I drink my coffee black. Speaking of milk, I miss Cherrios. My sole milk intake. I may have to start drinking chocolate milk or some such.

    Hasan – I think my morning cup’ll be the hardest to let go of. I don’t function properly without caffeine. But good luck! Maybe we should take up jogging… it’ll probably either a) kill us or b) wake us up. Either way, we won’t need the caffeine, lool =P

  4. Perhaps you don’t have to give up caffeine altogether. Try cutting down. Try making the morning pot half decaf. I,too, drink my coffee black, but sometimes I force myself to take it with milk.

  5. Decaf? Shudder. Well I cut out tea. Other than green tea of course. And I’ve introduced a glass of milk a day… ughh.. you got to do what you got to do though, eh?

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