Angel’s Tears, God’s Blessing

It’s raining today. The kind of rain that washes away the past, hints at the promise of growth and revival. I’m scared. Good God, I’m terrified. After a month of hell, of breathless anticipation, seems like everything’s getting too serious too fast. God, I have to get my head on straight and work this out. I’m already saying goodbye, and it’s too soon. I promised myself I wouldn’t hope again, not until I had some sort of guarantee I wasn’t going to be left to pick up the bloody pieces. So I guess it’s a good thing it’s raining. Angel’s tears. God’s blessing. Yeesh, melancholic enough for ya? Here’s to new beginnings. God give me the strength to see it through, this time around.

Spread my tattered wings
sunlight seeps through thin muslin
dizzying patterns on barren rock
fluttering in a stale, rancid waft.
It stirs my hair,
barring a thin, fragile neck
a pulse beating lethargically
thud, thud
marks the passage of time
As I crouch
on a pinnacle  of silence.
In the distance,
a storm churns: faces and names
Silence, broken only by
the slow thud thud of pain.
Now jumping, falling, swiftly
wind tearing at my hair
whipping and tangling helpless wings
a soft smile…
a jarring impact…
it beats now, swift and sure
thud, thud, thud.



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4 responses to “Angel’s Tears, God’s Blessing

  1. Ayesha

    I’m not too sure what you mean about the rain… but did you write that poem?! Because if you did, it’s really good!

  2. That first paragraph was my attempt at vagueness, lol. And yes, I did write it thanks =)

  3. Ohhhh, I was there for that rain! Wowzers! I never saw such puddles in the streets and on the sidewalks! 😀

  4. You shoulda seen the past week! It rained everyday, and snowed like 10cm in some areas – which sounds like nothing, but it quite an accomplishment in Syria, haha.

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