WOTD: Highhanded

highhanded \HAHY-HAN-did\, adjective:
acting or done in a bold, arbitrary way

A rule I learned the hard way: some people will only respond to highhandedness. Humbleness and respect are seen as signs of uncertainty and low self-worth and are treated with disdain. Might as well walk around with a Walk All Over Me, Please placard. I never thought I’d see the day tawado3 was considered a vice rather than a virtue, but here it is. Is the price worth paying, though? I tried to play the part for a while, but it doesn’t suit me. You could call it fear of slippery slope. I call it my exasperatingly loud and stalwart conscience.



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6 responses to “WOTD: Highhanded

  1. Ayesha

    I completely agree! I really can’t understand why when we’re explicitly told not to be proud of our accomplishments (because they really aren’t OURS, they only come with Allah’s help) people still act this way! What is with them?

    I’m glad you aren’t like that 🙂

  2. Beats me. But thanks, lol. I try =)

  3. Highhanded usually comes back to bite you in the rear. How do you mean tai kwan do is a vice? I always thought training in self-defense was good for a woman – not that she will need to use it, but women who have self defense training move differently, more confidently, more awarely, than women who do not. Women who move with confidence are less likely to be victimized, statistically. Or does that not hold true in Damascus?

  4. LOOL!!! OMG intlxpatr, that is tooooo funny!! I didn’t mean tai kwan do, I meant tawado3. It’s in Arabic word, it means humbleness, humility, or modesty. It’s a mandate in Islam as seen by the hadeeth “anyone who possesses a speck of arrogance (kibr) in his heart will not enter Paradise.” That’s what I was referring to. But I definitely agree with your assessment on the merits of self defense =P

  5. GeekiSiddiqui

    I think highhandedness is just another tool for the ‘toolbox’. Be yourself. But in certain situations, if the need arises, you use it as required. Usually against people that themselves are highhanded.

  6. I see your point, and I tried it for a while. But I dunno. I felt like they were forcing my hand, making me one of them. Like they won, lol. Ugh. Nasty

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