DHL op. – Destruction or Detainment of Hoped for Letters [and other packages]

I, for those who are unaware, am enrolled in a distance university. I’ve recently completed two courses, so naturally said distance university mailed the final exams, via DHL, to Damascus Syria. Not to be confused with Damascus, VA. Five weeks, three emails and two voice messages – and a partridge in a pear tree – later, I find out that they’ve been here. The entire time. For over 5 weeks. Held because of a ‘bad address.’ 

To add insult to injury – that or just for the hell of it – they destroy one package and hold the other. That’s right. Destroy. Who on earth does that to a package?! And with no lurking bomb suspicion as incentive. Only a measly bad address. My mind’s picturing white suits and protective goggles, complete with air-tight containers,  spontaneous combustions, and ominous puffs of smoke. That or the paper shredder.  

I am raging. I want to rip someonething apart. I had a one, one month break before my next courses, which are piled up in one corner of my room, a seemingly innocent pile of processed tree for God’s sake, began. A threatening reminder of Hell to Come (i.e. more studying). And now it’s gone. And not because they (the exams) failed to make it over. Were they an ocean away I’d give in to the fact that I had no access to them. But no. All this time they’ve been here, less than a 15 minute drive away. And I’ve been going mad, not 10 minutes away. Err… 15. 

I want to kill. Preferably the DHL employee responsible for the destruction and detainment of my exams.

Exaggeration? Consider this the straw that broke this camel’s back.

Off note, but speaking of camels, I ran into one the other day. A Syrian exclusive, because honestly, “I ran into a camel” is something people just can’t say in all honesty. Honestly. 

Back to the point. My exam is this Saturday. The one that survived. The other is to be mailed. My university has kindly waivered the fee. Which is all around beneficial to all. I wouldn’t want to commit couriericide, after all. 

Tomorrow’s rant: “Self-righteous preaching of the sort only a Syrian male can pull off.” I’d heard of these people but up until a few days ago I hadn’t had the misfortune of actually meeting one. Revolting experience. Brace yourselves.



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10 responses to “DHL op. – Destruction or Detainment of Hoped for Letters [and other packages]

  1. You’re so funny! But you know, I perfectly understand the destruction of your exam. It was suspect material.. “brobaganda” (as they would probably say there – at DHL Syria) and of course, that cannot be allowed there, eh?

    You poor thing! Is your University aware of something called PDF? They could’ve PDF’d your exams, password protected them and then e-mailed them! In seconds, they would have been on YOUR desk!

    Good luck… and don’t run into more camels.. ! Actually, you couldn’t even if you tried.. they’re a few feet taller, aren’t they? :p


  2. Mythos


    haha….too funny!

    I hope you finally get it all situated and pass the exam with flying colors!

    Take care my friend,

    ~ Mythos

    p.s. – Watch out for those damn camels!

  3. Ayesha

    Yowza, woman!

    That sounds reaaaaaally stressful and I’m so sorry to hear about it ): Hope everything works out soon, eh?

    can’t wait to read the self-righteous preachy rant tomorrow, btw

  4. Good luck with your exams!

    couriericide – I like that word 🙂

    I have seen road signs that show a camel, so perhaps it wouldn’t be inaccurate to say “I just ran into a camel.”

  5. ATW – LOL! No doubt. Can’t have them outsiders edumacating our womenfolk, now can we? And actually, they have one up on PDF: online exams. For some odd reason though, they’ve insisted on mailing them. =/

    Mythos – My favorite by far is fratricide. It is, after all, the one I’ve found myself tempted to commit most often; brothers can be a pain in the a… uhh, neck *glares*

    Ayesha – Thank you!! I’m hoping the line about hard work pays off kicks in soon lol. Patience is a virtue and the like *rolls eyes*

    Nadia – Hmm.. you’re right. Not so much inaccurate as unexpected, then. And odd. I mean, I’d never have been able to say in Canada in all honesty =P

    Umm Travis – Awww yay! Thank you =D

  6. Good luck with those exams, S&S!

  7. A Submitting Slave

    Assalaamu’alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

    That’s very sad indeed. I mean outta all things-EXAM papers! What were they thinking

    Regardless though, may Allau subhaanahu wa ta’ala make you successful on (both) of them.
    And I can’t help but think: “at least Lord was with her for the past 5 weeks…”-> InnAllaha ma’assaabireen…

    And due to current experiences, I must share with you that really some things happen and there are definitely the khayr that we do not see. Just so you get a glimpse of what I’m talking about me: My mom was telling me how one morning, she was preparing breakfast and she realized she had made way too much. As she was still making it, my dad got back from Fajr and brought two brothers with him-yes without any previous notice. SubhaanAlah.
    And yesterday I was really upset that I had to cancel my flight for the coming weekend. As I booked it for the weekend after, the price was near $100 cheaper.

    There are many other times that I bet you even were part of. Think of a time where you thought the matter went wrong, and realized so much khayr and ni’mah were hidden in it.

    Even this case, you’ll see that Allah has planned what’s better for you…just gotta be that saabira for a bit longer to actually see it =)

    Fee amaanillah…

  8. I hate delivery services in Syria!! You have all the right to be pissed.

    I ordered stuff from the Internet almost a 2 months ago and still nothing!! … so annoying …

  9. Intlxpatr – Thank you =)

    A Submitting Slave – Wasalaam! First off, thanks for the du’as!! And I totally feel you about things being khair even if we can’t see it. The Lord works in mysterious ways and all, eh? Thanks for the reminder =)

    Hasan – Ugh I know! I hope you receive your package soon… even if it’s 2 – 4 – 6 months later 😉

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