New Banner!!!

Lookie who has a new banner!! And the best part is my brother Horseman created this masterpiece. Why? Well according to our budding genius:

“It’s not that your old header wasn’t good. It was. For a beginner. For the way your blog started out. But your blog’s evolved. It’s become *pause* more mature. So you needed a banner that was more fitting.” 

-Horseman, January 16th 2009

Isn’t that so sweet? So that’s why he changed it from a city to a world. 


Ye Old Banner

Now that we have the purpose cleared up, why these pictures specifically? Well, like I said, the world signifies the shift of my focus towards global matters. Nevertheless, the spot light remains on the M.E because that is where I’m centered right now – both physically and spiritually. And, in case you can’t tell or don’t notice, those are mine own two eyes floating (somewhat menacingly) over Russia, looking out over the world. The Muslimah praying (far left) is pretty self-explanatory. The contrast in color between her and the world is deliberate – it symbolizes the peace and hope to be found within prayer, as opposed to the turmoil and dreariness of the world.

Awwwww!!!! Isn’t he a sweetie? He also has a flicker, under the alias: 2paCreed. Most pictures are, you guessed it, about 2pac. Don’t hate on the kid though – this is a mandatory phase in our family. All of the elder 3, myself included, went through a Pac Obsession. He’s a good kid. I’m expecting great things out of him! ❤ ya bro =) 

And thus, S&S came to have a new banner in her life. One she treasured, because while it may look quite amateurish, it was a labor of love —> or at least that’s what she likes to believe….



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25 responses to “New Banner!!!

  1. HUSAM the man

    out of ALL the available names… horseman? HORSEMAN? o.O

  2. Mythos

    Great banner! Your brother did an awesome job creating it.

    ~ Mythos

  3. Aaaaw the bonding between you and your brother is sooo sweeet 😉 Nice banner from horseman indeed.

  4. Husam the *ahem* man – Don’t worry about it. My brother, Horseman, understands the love, time, and thought that went behind finding and choosing such an appropriate pseudonym for him. What’s more, he appreciates it =)

    Mythos – Thank you =) He really is something!

    Laila – Thank you =D

  5. It’s gorgeous! You have a talented brother 😀

  6. The new banner is a work of art; the old one was also beautiful. I love the symboolism in both banners. Like all art, both of them illustrate important themes of life.

  7. Mona – Thanks!!

    Liya – He sure is =)

    Marahm – Aww thanks!!

  8. I am sorry, but your old banner is my favorite. It was so sleek.

  9. Your new header is awesome – I love the woman’s image on the right, how it melts into the map. Cool! Your brother did a great job.

  10. Sabiwabi – YAY!! I’ll always have a soft spot for that banner. It was my first ever *grins*

    Susie – Welcome to the blog!! And thanks =)

  11. Very nice, Masha’Allah!

  12. Absolutely beautiful! Now I’m jealous.. would he be kind enough to design one for me? Otherwise I’ll steal yours and modify it. Then you can go the UN and submit a complain. :p


  13. I absolutely love this new banner! Your brother is very talented, and his words of wisdom about your blog is brilliant 🙂

    Perhaps he can design for me too 😉

  14. Very nice! LOL…I couldn’t even get my banner changed the last time I tried. That’s why the default one is still there. Blah! :-/

    Yours looks great. I liked the old one also. Thanks for explaining the symbolism. Good job, Horseman! 🙂

  15. Abu Sinan – Thanks =)

    ATW – LOL! I have other ways, much more effective, than the UN. You just try it bud 😉 He says he’s up for it if you’re serious 😉

    Nadia – Thanks!! I think he’s brilliant, lol. And so sweet! It was a surprise, and he was sooo hesitant to show me! Too cute haha! And like I told ATW, he’s up for it if you are 😉

    Susanne – aww! That’s too bad! I think, if done right, personalized banners add a very personal and informative touch to a blog =) So good luck getting yours changed. And thanks!!

  16. Ayesha

    Ooh shine-ay!!!

    New banner for le new year, yes?!

  17. Oh, I am definitely up to it!

  18. Ayesha – Oui, bien sur!!

    Nadia – Well then, Mz. Nadia. Send me an email if you’re for real, and we’ll iron out the details =)

  19. Email coming right up! Oh boy, I’m excited already! 🙂

  20. Maria

    Looks good, W!

  21. Nadia – LOL. You’re so cute!

    Maria – Thanks!

    HiddenSouls – Thank you!

  22. I like both banners 🙂
    The new banner is very beautiful!

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