Anna In Palestine

Anna is a Jewish-American in Palestine reporting on the current situation. But unlike another American (whose name rhymes with Foe the Bummer) she’s actually providing some useful, thought-provoking coverage. Like her last post, Why now? …. What now?… WRITE now!:

* WRITE Now! *

In the first week of the attack on Gaza, the Washington Post ran 7-1 hawkish op-ed/editorials, the Washington Times ran 5-0 hawkish op-ed/editorials, and the Wall Street Journal ran 4-0 hawkish op-ed/editorials.

Many of us are upset by this, but we don’t feel empowered to change it. But biases in mainstream media do not come out of nowhere; they are largely (though not entirely by any means) the result of active media-monitoring by media watch-dog groups that inundate media who stray from the Zionist party line.

Why can’t we be as dedicated as those groups? Why aren’t media being inundated by people like us who want to see the truth that is reported to the rest of the world every day? We need to be the change that we seek. We need to write media–not here and there, a couple of us, but consistently, all of us, a collective voice, demanding fair coverage.

I recently discovered the WRITE! Project (, which has a team monitoring US media and sending out alerts to peace and justice activists write in response to specific pro-Zionist articles and editorials. They provide the email address to write to, the original piece to respond to, and talking points to use. It doesn’t take more than 5 minutes.

I don’t personally have the time to monitor mainstream US media, but every time I get an alert I send a quick email to let the relevant media know what I think. What if all 5,000 people on this list were to do that? We could be the influence that we wish we had!

Contact the WRITE! Team to get alerts at

Take a minute to write after each alert.

It only works if we do it together.

The link above is to WRITE! For Justice, Human Rights, and International Law in Palestine, whose vision is exactly what we need:

At WRITE!, our vision of success is a U.S. media that provides complete, honest, objective, balanced and responsible reporting on the Middle East on a consistent basis.

We believe that such a change will have a positive effect on official U.S. policy in the Middle East, and can ultimately result in the establishment of Peace and Justice for all the peoples of the Middle East.

Credit of discovery and my thanks go to Nadia, for the wonderful link!!



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5 responses to “Anna In Palestine

  1. Ayesha

    Wow this is really cool!

    I’m organizing a fundraiser at my school, so pray that it goes well, okay? ): I had to like beg and beg the authorities (aka the principal) to let me do it so I really hope it brings in some dough for Falastin!

  2. Ive posted a great article on my blog by Nir Rosen of The Guardian that you might be interested in. Link:

  3. Ayesha – MashAllah 3alyki!! That’s amazing!! More power to you =)
    Keep me updated, inshAllah

    Student – Thanks for the link. I’ll definitely check it out =)

  4. Thanks Nadia! That was an amazing link!!

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