Links on Peace and Pain

You might want to check out:

A post by 50% Syrian: To Gaza, soul of my father. Very raw, very powerful.

Shawna’s amazing link to an artist, Rajie. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

An article by Chris Hedges. A Gaza diary: Scenes from the Palestinian uprising. Although it was initially published by Harper magazine in 2001, I’ve only just read it. Be warned though – while it doesn’t contain any pictures, there are some graphic descriptions. 

And in case you don’t read the comments, Mushu’s link to a 60 minute, action gaza, ‘walk the walk’ plan. Simple things all of us can do, inshAllah.

The Damascene Blog‘s post on an interesting dialogue of sorts from the Ynet news, in Occupation is the Monster.

The Dove

My head’s fit to explode with the thoughts swirling within. It feels like cotton’s been stuffed in my ears, nose, and mouth, leaving my face burning and aching. I have to get these thoughts out. They’re all so fleeting though; holding on to them, giving them form and verbalizing them is like trying to hold water in cupped hands. 



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5 responses to “Links on Peace and Pain

  1. I had been reading Ana’s observations from Palestine, where she documents human right abuses and wants to get the facts straight.

    Thanks for the link, S&S.

  2. You’re welcome!!
    Uhh so would you mind giving me a link or something to Ana’s page? Pretty please =D

  3. You can actually click on “Ana’s” 😀

  4. I mean, the Ana in my first comment, and not in the second or this third one.

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