We must adjust our distorted image of Hamas

Another article by William Sieghart. Credit of discovery goes to Mushu Tha Lohari.=) Thanks!!

The only way to fight lies is, obviously enough, with truths. Amass enough evidence and eventually people will have to coincide that what is happening in Gaza is nothing short of a full blown genocide.

Welcoming in the new year - Israeli style



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8 responses to “We must adjust our distorted image of Hamas

  1. great article, thanx for sharing!

  2. S&S,

    This is it! Those who resist occupation and seek their freedom and independence can only be called FREEDOM FIGHTERS! Otherwise, all of Europe would have been considered terrorists for resisting the Nazi occupation.

    It’s abhorrent that many people are zealots and ignorant: they justify Israel’s Nazism and terror through some misinterpreted verses of the Bible! Imagine: when Bin Laden used the Islamic faith as justification for terror tactics, the whole world erupted against the faith and not Bin Laden. When the Jewish terrorist state and neocons/ Christian Zionists do the same, it’s considered as “the lord’s prophecy!”

    May Gaza be free from this NaZionist disease!


  3. Marcel

    I hate war for its consequences, for the lies it lives on and propagates, for the undying hatreds it arouses…

    ~Harry Emerson Fosdick

  4. How people conveniently choose to believe that Hamas are ALL terrorists! Sadly, even a lot of our brothers and sisters don’t know the real story, the truth behind all this bloodshed.

    Thank you for sharing this article, S&S.

  5. Umm T – You’re welcome!

    ATW – Well said!! Now do you see why I just sent you that email??

    Marcel – “…for the undying hatreds it arouses…” very well put. If there ever was a chance of reconciliation or peace, it’s dying right alongside every man, woman, and child =(

    Nadia – You’re welcome! I KNOW!!! At first I didn’t take any position on Hamas. But when I came to realize the light they were portrayed in, both in the West and at home, I couldn’t stay silent!! How can we look ourselves in the eye if we condemn both the people who are acting and those who aren’t? Hamas isn’t killing Gazans, as much as some people would like us to believe. Israel is killings Gazans. When Hamas was silent, when they weren’t acting, Gazans were dying of cold, and hunger and lack of basic necessity bought on by the blockade. Now they’re dying from Isreal fire. So it was either starve silently or fight against the oppression. And now that they take action, to tell the world “We are here! We are human and we deserve basic rights!” everyone condemns their actions!!! How we’ll ever be able to look these men and women in the eyes is beyond me….

  6. Thank you for spreading the word, dear (:

  7. hfm


    It’s a spear to the heart and a stab to gashes already open.
    I think the skewered view we have of those fighting against Israel needs to be cleared, how can they expect to kill and not find someone who will retaliate.
    How long will the world leaders stay silent??

  8. Mushu – No, thank you =)

    hfm – It is isn’t it? I don’t know what justification they comfort themselves with. It’s beyond me how they live with themselves after what they are doing to these poor, poor, people =(

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