The PR war: Have your say

My inbox this morning had an email from Adbusters. I ❤ Adbusters. This is why:


Jammers, creatives, meme warriors,

As the bombs continue to rain down on Gaza, frustration with the Western media’s coverage of the war is mounting. Referring to the same event, for example, the International Herald Tribunecarried the straightforward headline “Israeli Mortars Kill 40 Palestinian Refugees,” while CNN ran the headline “Israel: Hamas Mortars Prompted Attack Near UN School.” A public relations war is taking place alongside the bloody conflict and, for the moment, the Palestinians are losing it – badly.

Don’t sit on the sidelines. Our 80,000-strong network can throw its weight behind Gaza in this propaganda war. Here are two things you can do right now:

  1. Forward the following article and video link to as many people as possible. Make sure your friends and family hear from you on this issue.
    Link to Article:
    Who Is Winning the PR War?
    Link to Video:
    Israeli strikes hit UN schools – 06 Jan 09
  2. Make a donation to UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency). The money will be used to provide much needed help to the Palestinians once the fighting is over.
  3. Send us any links, stories, memes or images that you think might help us continue the fight. Email: 

Where does defense stop and aggression begin? Where is the line between proportionate retaliation and collective punishment? Is the media telling you what you need to know?

I strongly suggest reading the article and watching the video. And if you have any pictures you’d like to send, the email is listed above. As most of us know, CNN and the Washington Post, for example, provide very biased coverage. Flip between Al Jazeera International and CNN, for example. This isn’t new. And that is exactly why we shouldn’t stay silent over it.

In the one post I wrote about Hamas I tried very hard to provide the other side of the story. Their side of the story, to be specific. How well I fared is questionable, but I found commentator summed it up beautifully and concisely:

Hamas is one of the last castles of the free world who dare to say NO to the hegemony of the tyrants, and who dare to defend their country and fellow citizens with the minimum they possess, their sole power is their strong belief in their cause.
I believe that Hamas really deserves the respect of all the free people of the world in a time when free and brave people are a scarce currency.

That is why I support Hamas. Because how can I blame the those who stay silent (including the Arab world) in one breath and on the next condemn the only people actually taking action? 

Two more great articles are by Robert Fisk: Why do they hate the West so much, we will ask and The rotten state of Egypt is too powerless and corrupt to act. You gotta respect Fisk. 



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2 responses to “The PR war: Have your say

  1. Bless you both.

    I belive that tolerance is important. We, the humans, are all one God’s creations and we need to live in coexistence. We need to mind each other’s feelings, to respect each other, and to be sensitive towards each other.


    It does not mean that we should be too shy to rise our voices when we see that somethings is wrong. (Most of) the Western world condemns Hamas as it happens to be the only group left that still keeps fighting against the Israeli occupation and thus is giving the West an incredibly massive headache. The Arab world might deep inside theirselves agree that what Hamas is doing right now should be called ‘resistance’, yet they are scared shitless to voice their thoughts, and to smooth the West’s feathers agree on calling them ‘a terrorist organization’.

    La hawla wa laa quwwata illa bi Allah.

    Found an interesting article about Hamas here.

    I wish we humans could live in peace. I really really do wish that. But not at the expense of a certain group of people. Never.

    اللهم أنصر إخواننا المستضعفين في كل مكان
    اللهم اشفِ مرضاهم
    اللهم إنهم جياع فأطعمهم
    اللهم كسّر قيودهم وحرّرهم
    وانصرهم على أعدائك وأعدآئهم يآ قوي يآ عزيز يآ جبّار
    اللهم عليك باليهود الظالمين
    اللهم زلزل عليهم الأرض, وشتت شملهم
    اللهم أرنا فيهم عجآئب قدرتك
    اللهم دمرهم في كل مكان
    اللهم اجعل الدائرة عليهم

    اللهم آمين

  2. Ameen! Ameen!!!

    I completely agree! So many people are skirting around the issue, hoping to avoid being called radical or terrorist supporters by upsetting the wrong people. I second Hamas’s actions – in so much as they are resisting. My only regret, and I stand firm on this, is that their missiles aren’t used to target military bases and actually harm their chances of fighting back. I cannot, under any circumstances, condone the murder of civilians. If we resorted to that, we’d be no better than those heartless Israeli soldiers!! I know this isn’t what you’re saying, but just thought I’d throw it in there =)

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