Doorbell just rang. I’d dropped my wallet – containing my Syrian ID card, Canadian SIN, Syrian and Canadian drivers licenses, dad’s visa, and around a hundred CAD cash – on a street not to far from our building. An old Palestinian man had picked it up, and finding the business card for a local supermarket, went there and asked him if he knew where our family lived. He did and I have my wallet back!!! *da-da-da-DUH*

On this day, I’d like to thank the good Lord for Syrian supermarkets that make house deliveries, kind Palestinian people who return my wallet unmolested, and the fact that the supermarket’s business card was in there. And I’d like to thank the good Lord for making me look good and proving those who doubt mine actions wrong. My family loves to make fun of my habit of picking up business cards. I can now tell them it was foresight all along. Something, as proven by today’s events, I have in abundance =P  

On another note, you should have seen my dad’s face when my brother walks back into the living room to inform him that “some old guy” was asking after me. By full name. And before your minds start to wander too far off, he was not hollering “Smeez!!! Get the crowbar from under my mattress while I hold this mofo down!” whilst unbuckling his belt as he made his way over to the door. It was more abject terror, which confused me. Poor Abu Will (that’d be my daddy). He wouldn’t admit it but I know he thought They Who Must Not Be Named were here to drag his daughter off for “official purposes.” Not that they would or should, in my opinion. I’d prefer they didn’t. And besides, I keep my nose (relatively) clean around here.



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7 responses to “Foresightedness

  1. I guess this proves there are some good people left in the world!

  2. Woman! Who carries that much money on them!! And in a foreign country too! 😛

  3. “And besides, I keep my nose (relatively) clean around here.”

    Well, that’s no fun! 😉

    Awesome that your wallet was returned. LOL @ your thing for business cards and how someone was able to track you down because of your supermarket… cute!

    One of the amazing things about living in Syria, no doubt!

  4. Liya – True that! It was really touching, all the trouble they went through to make sure I got my wallet back =)

    Hiddensouls – You sound like my dad!! 😉 I was out shopping. Visa and debit have yet to become mainstream in Syria so cash is the only way to go.

    Susanne – Not fun, but definitely safer =/ Or so I’ve been told
    And I sense you’re hinting at something 😉 I promise, I haven’t forgotten that post!!

  5. They Who Must Not Be Named?? *blink*

  6. LOL that you detected a hint! Really, I am not in a rush. I just like to tease a bit. 🙂

    Oh, it’s really so cool that I met you just now! My husband and I are, God willing, coming to Syria soon (Got our visas on 12/31 … I’m still trying to process this….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!), *ahem* and since you grew up in the West and now live in Syria, could you tell me things to bring that I can’t get there and/or cultural things to do or avoid? Things to expect that might be shocking? (Syrian lingerie excluded…THAT was featured in my little local paper….ha!) I have a very dear Syrian friend, however, he is a guy AND he never visited or lived in the West. The only advice he gave was to tell Andrew not to try to shake hands with the women as it will embarrass the ones who don’t touch men. AND for me, of course, I cannot touch the guys! You know us brazen Western women! 😛

    If you’d rather e-mail me, that’s fine. Or leave any advice you have here. Don’t worry if you can’t think of anything. I just wanted your expert opinion and advice. Thank you so much, Triple C! (I like that nickname for you. Hope you don’t mind.)

  7. Meow – No joke. Not Be Named. *hint* think Italian Mafia. Only I’m in Syria

    Susanne – NO WAY!!!! Omg!! If you do, God willing, we so have to meet!! Are you coming for the summer or for a while? If you don’t mind me asking, lol. But wow how coincidental!!
    What to do, what to bring. Well, Susanne, I just wrote an extremely long post! I hope it’s coherent, as it’s 2 am here!!

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