Email Change

When I created my blog six months ago, I never dreamed people would actually comment. Or that I’d meet people. Or that I’d have 105 posts with 491 comments and an average of 100 hits a day. It was a new year resolution, and so S&S was born.

Unfortunately, I used my real email address – the real life one: facebook, university, you name it – complete with my real name and a profile. After commenting on somone’s page, which gave them my email address and lead to some serious annoyances, I’ve decided to change that email address. It is now:

Obvious, eh? Well, inconspicuous isn’t exactly my middle name. Just thought I’d let y’all know =)



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15 responses to “Email Change

  1. Now you got me looking all over the net for you, LOL

    Tried to add you at MSN 😀

    Next stop: Facebook!

    yeah I had to make a new gmail account for my blog when I first started cuz I knew this might eventually happen lol…I’m glad you got it solved though 😛

  3. but hey…on another note, when i read this, i was like…man she’s on facebook!! I gotta find her 😛 lool

  4. Congrats on the success with blogging 😀

    I must say I really liked your last post, thanks so much for sharing it, it’s still echoing in my head.

  5. Nadia – LOL!! I got your message!! I was away but I’ll ttys, inshAllah =D

    hiddensouls – LOOL!! It even has pictures *wiggles eyebrows*

    Liya – Thanks! I’m trying not to let it get to my head =P

  6. LOL…soo…I stalked you…I looked up your email from the messages when you write on my blog and I searched it on facebook and I think I fond you but I have no idea lool :P…

    the one I found has calgary listed as the location?

    How good of a stalker am i?


    *hoping I’m not sounding like a creep!*

  7. p.s. you can find me by searching my blog address lol

  8. oh…that’s if it’s not too creepy for you lool…sorry for the many comments…i should think before i type and submit…

  9. You’re a regular ace detective 😉
    But apparently I’m not that good: I couldn’t find YOU!!
    Send me a msg or add me or something. I feel left out =(

  10. hmmm facebook you say 🙂

  11. Uhh.. Why I’m getting a feeling this post had the exact effect I was hoping I’d avoided by changing my email in the first place!!!? =P

  12. ahahahahah..hahahahahahahaha…

  13. i sent “you” a message..

  14. OH LOOL! You’re too cute!! That msg made me laugh so hard!!
    Facebook is acting up in Syria (it’s actually blocked and you have to go around it using a program which is the one acting up) so I can’t really do anything other than read. No posting. But yes. That would be me =D
    And Nadia I’ve seen your add and I’m not ignoring!! When fb is back to normal I’ll accept you for sure! Sorry =(
    *mutters* stupid syrian facebook….

  15. Seen

    now I’m curious…lol

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