Unity in Prayer

Just came across this:

In the name of God

May the peace, blessings and mercy of God be upon you
Asalamualykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh

Many of you have read the news. Many of you have seen the pictures. Many of you are protesting or writing letters. Many of you have blogged about it. Many of you have made dua.

What if we all did something together in unison on one night, Thursday January 1, 2009? What if we all stood in prayer in our homes, offices, schools, dorms or wherever we may be on Thursday night? What if we could get at least one thousand Muslims around the world making the same dua? Think of the probability of one dua being accepted out of a thousand.

Viral marketing spreads like wildfire. So I’m calling this viral dua! Spread this viral dua to everyone!

We will stand on this night to ask Allah (God) to…

  • …end all the suffering of all the innocent people around the world.
  • …bring justice to all the oppressive rulers and regimes around the world.
  • …seek forgiveness for all our sins.
  • …to grant us when we die and all those believers who have died, heaven.

Let’s try to get at least 1 person in all the cities where Muslims live to sacrifice one night to ask Allah (swt) to end the suffering in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and all around the world where there is suffering.

I’ll start off with myself. I intend to stand on the night of Thursday January 1, 2009 in prayer for justice around the world.

Join us and comment your location (see example below). Why? The more locations the more people will join, because they’ll realize they are not alone on this night.  You can even advertise a link if you want to.  You can even add your link/name and keep your location blank.


For the record though, I found it through HiddenSouls blog, which also linked a very helpful Dua’as for the oppressed post. So JAK to you both =)

So count me in! I just sent out my emails and texts, which gives people here in Syria very little short notice (it’s 11pm Damascus time) but inshAllah they’ll be up for it. What I wouldn’t give to see it though. People across the globe with their hands lifted, praying in unison. 

This has me feeling significantly better =)



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9 responses to “Unity in Prayer

  1. How beautiful is it…to really try and implement the hadeeth that we are one body together :’)

  2. I add my prayers – there are many of us, not-Muslim, praying for the same goal you outlined.

  3. I second intlxpatr. I’m not Muslim, but I’m still praying for your people. Hugs!

  4. Ayesha

    Okay so I am suuuuuuper late but I will do this tonight!

    Inshallah this madness will end soon, with all of our prayers.

  5. HiddenSouls – EXACTLY!!! That’s exactly what this is! And it’s about time too!

    Intlxpatr & Susanne – I am truly humbled by your response. I’m very sorry if my last few posts seem to imply that only Muslims should pray for Muslims or Muslims should only pray for Muslims. My heart aches for all of humanity – as does yours, I am sure. Because we were all human before we chose our different faiths; that is what matters. It may not be my place to say this, but thank you. Thank you for being kind and humane and open-minded at a time where those qualities are extremely rare. Thank you =) *hugs you both*

    Ayesha – You’re never too late! And inshAllah we can do it again, be it globally or individually. I’m making another Qyam Layl tonight, inshAllah =)
    So JAK! And ameen, ya Rabb!

  6. S&S…

    This is a most honorable and amazing thing you have called for.

    May we all be united in prayers every night until our people are free and have the right to determine their own fate and future.


  7. I didn’t know about this viral dua, but I had prayed for justice, end of oppression and violence on the eve of Jan 1. But having read this made me feel much better that I had been making dua in unison to millions of people who care about peace. I have made it a routine dua after the Isha prayers. May Allah accept our prayers, Ameen.

  8. Ayesha

    Hey, did you hear? The israelis are starting the ground offensive.

    I’m thinkin’ we need to pull another Qayam Layl tonight!

  9. ATW – InshAllah =)

    Nadia – Yay!! I’ve been doing it every night since, alhamdulillah, and I feel so much better knowing that.

    Ayesha – Ameen! I never thought it would come to a ground offensive =( but I have been waking up an hour before fajr every day and praying and making dua’a until fajr, alhamdulillah. If our actions are going to be restricted to prayer, than I’m going make it well worth the while! But yes, definitely! We should be making as many as possible!

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