Summer night on the 4th of July and I’m hanging outside
I take my kids downtown to watch fireworks fly
As the light flicker in my daughters eyes
I think about the flight of a war torn child
And how these same sights and sounds make them cry

2009 is officially here. I wouldn’t have noticed were it not for the deafening explosions, racket, and horns that erupted, horrendously off-key. A look out my window and a glance at my cell’s screen confirmed it. Welcome on in ’09.

You may find my reception lacking. Believe me, I’d lay out the red carpet myself, deck my halls with festive streamers and balloons, and fill the air the sounds of music and fireworks. Pay you right you may have come to feel is your due. But my heart and soul wouldn’t be in it. Not while those lyrics run through my head, not while the images of the dead littering the streets of Gaza are seared into my mind, haunting both my waking moments and my dreams, and definitely not while I reflect on the many and crippling losses the Ummah has faced this year. 

Five days ago, I had an entirely different post writing itself out in my mind. Hopes, and dreams, and plans – a list of new year resolutions. And I believe I will compose it later, when the bile in my throat settles and I can think clearly again.

Right now, though, I have to break tradition. Right now, all I have to offer is this:

I vow, with every iota of my being, to never rest until my eyes look upon a strong and unified Ummah. Until my feet are free to roam the countryside of a free, reclaimed Palestine and my hands blister from helping build hope again.
To the last breath in my body, I promise you – Gaza, Palestine, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, all muslim (not Arabic) countries – I will fight for your unity, your freedom, and your Imaan. For my unity, freedom, and imaan. 

It’s been 20 minutes into the new year. Fireworks are still exploding, their blasts rippling in the air. Only there isn’t any blood, tears, or pain for us. Only for them. For those poor, poor souls. I’m so sorry. So very, very sorry.



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5 responses to “’09

  1. What a sweet post. My thoughts and prayers are with your people. May the Lord intervene on their behalf — and soon.

    Have a blessed new year.

  2. Ayesha

    You are so sweet ❤

    Inshallah this year will be much better for our Ummah than 1429/2008.

  3. That was just beautiful…
    I love your writing mashaAllah…

  4. I hope your dreams come true, and I so do wish you a good year to come.

  5. Lol!! Well, actually, I was going more for rock-hard determination. But sweet is good =P Thanks Susanne and Ayesha, for your prayers and for your support =)
    Thank you all! And a happy new year to you too! Because even with all the crazy going-ons in the world, I can’t help but feel hopeful that the coming year will be better and brighter than the last. InshAllah!

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