You Know You’re Addicted When…

…. four days feels like a lifetime!

I had to though! I made myself a promise that I wouldn’t post until I’d finished my Ethical Issues in Psychological Research assignment. Only it sort of backfired, because now I have a ton of posts to be written, and it’s going to take longer. Well it won’t really, but still: ugh!! Last time I try that for motivation.

First things first though. My mother, being the amazing, patient, and inspirational woman that she is, has been giving lessons. On parenting. To Syrians. In Syria. Bear with me here, the specifics are important. I won’t go into the dirty, painful details because that would effectively spoil another post (that may or may not be published). But, more on that later. Point of my specifying, with emphasis, the circumstances of my mum’s lessons is that she rose above. She progressed past the stages of denial, hurt, anger, and general whininess/helplessness into action. 

I’m thinking it’s about time I follow. As I constantly remind myself, it’s been two and a half years. I’ve done very little of what I’d planned to do. Culture shock being what it is, I was a little side-tracked. But no more!! InshAllah!!

And, luckily for me, for the first step another friend of mine was thinking along the same lines. Not long after I made my choice, she texts me about a discussion at her house. It was on Thursday, and it was brilliant. We were sidetracked and slightly disorganized, but we did it! We met, we discussed, and we’re (inshAllah!) going to do it again. Topics started with The Secret Life of Syrian Lingerie (I thought I’d already heard it all, but apparently there’re remote control and clap control ones =|)  moved on to shoegate, Al-Zaidi, with a discussion, and then into gay or lesbian muslims with a glimpse at the nature vs nurture debate (a personal favorite of mine) and ended with a game of charades (<3).  And even though it isn’t my idea, I have a million and one topics in mind, and I’m constantly jotting down ideas on random slips of paper or on the margins of my notebooks.

So that’s the first step taken then, inshAllah.  I am feeling irrepressibly optimistic. Even though I witnessed something that would have made ye Old S&S scream, the new me shook her head and laughed it off, with an indulgent “silly rabbit!” Okay, I made up that laugh and indulgent silly rabbit part. But I did not lose my cool. I am cool, calm, collected.

Just call me Triple C.
*rolls eyes*



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6 responses to “You Know You’re Addicted When…

  1. Ayesha

    I look forward to more posts :)!

    ps. please do go into more Syrian lingerie stuff! It is just beyond funny

  2. LOOL! It’s beyond hilarious! I posted about it a while back, but I still haven’t read the book! I can’t wait to read it!

  3. *lol* Triple C, I am eager to read more from you this year. I was thinking of you last night for some reason. OK…I was discussing you with someone to be honest. But I think you are an amazing writer. Seriously, you could write for newspapers or magazines. You have such a witty way of writing yet also you are emotional and serious when the need arises. Anyway, hope you don’t think I’m weird for saying that here. I don’t know enough about you to know your major in college or interests and goals, but if you ever want to go into writing . . . 🙂

  4. Thank you Susanne!! And that is creepy… in how coincidental it is! I was actually telling people earlier today about your amazing blog *blush*!! In case you haven’t noticed, I am totally in love! You two merge multiculturalism and communications in the most beautiful way and bring out the best of both. Because that’s what they’re there for isn’t it? To bring people from different walks of life together in order to promote understanding and banish stereotypes and ignorance? So thank you =)
    And I’m so glad you enjoy reading my writing *blush*!! My major is currently in Psychology, but I have been playing around with the idea of journalism. You never know!

  5. S&S, I can totally see you in journalism! And I will say with pride, “Ah, I knew this lovely young lady before she was famous.” 😉

    Thank you for your very kind words! They really meant a lot!

  6. Aww thank you Susanne! I certainly hope so! Not the famous part so much as the being heard part that comes along with it, lol. =)

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