Shoemacking Immortalized

Were you one of those who shook their heads and wondered if they, unlike Al-Zaidi, coulda done one better and actually hit Bush?

Well, thanks to the internet and those who have nothing better to do, wonder no more! You can test those mad skillz of yours out here , here, here, here, AND here – and all from the comfort of your own home. 

Personally I liked Sock and Awe, (the first link – 18,809,675 successful shoemacks when I was there) best. Not only is the name another pun (on Shock and Awe, the military strategy to oust Saddam Hussein) and you get to shoemack Bush, you also get to hear (the now infamous words) “this is your farewell kiss” every time you chuck it. 

And, speaking of puns, thanks to the Egyptians, we now have have mock ‘headlines’

  • U.S. occupation forces comb areas throughout Iraq in search of terrorist shoe factories.
  • A man wearing a shoe-belt around his waist has been arrested by a U.S. patrol in Baghdad as a would-be shoe-icide bomber.
  • Washington adds footwear to its terror list and passes a bill allowing wire taps on shoe stores and factories.
  • Several international shoe manufacturers deny U.S. charges of aiding terrorist organizations.
  • A top U.S. intelligence official, saying Zaidi’s shoes were made in Syria and Iran, calls for their invasion.
  • Bush asks Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and his accompanying delegation to remove their shoes in the White House, and provides them with soft long-haired bunny slippers.
  • An emergency Arab League meeting elects to shut down all shoe stores when Western officials visit.
  • By presidential decree, Hosni Mubarak is now to hold all his press conferences inside mosques [where shoes are taken off outside].

And, lastly, there’re fake auctions. And bids.

A Saudi man offered to pay $10 million for the pair of shoes that an Iraqi journalist lunged at U.S. President George W. Bush, saying he considers the size 10s a “medal of freedom.” 


Just came across this. Love it. Except for the big ears – I’ve never been big on making fun at physical features.  It’s a low blow, that I don’t believe is productive – what point does it prove? None.



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8 responses to “Shoemacking Immortalized

  1. Ayesha


    First of all, you sure do update quick

    and I love that shoe-icide bomber line! Trust the Egyptians to come up with that, eh :p

    and last time I commented you asked me where I’m from, well I’m from Ontario! You’re from Alberta, huh? You’re a cowgirlllll

  2. I know! I’m in love with the shoe puns.
    Oh and cowgirl ❤ ‘n pride, babyyy!!! While I’ve only been on a grand total of maximum seven horses and suck at riding, I do a mean mechanical bull ride, and have been to years and years of rodeos and stampedes. Good times =)

  3. Ayesha


    well the only thing I can claim as an Ontarion is thinking we’re the centre of the universe. Which we are so it’s okay 😀

  4. “A top U.S. intelligence official, saying Zaidi’s shoes were made in Syria and Iran, calls for their invasion.” LOL

    I tried playing the Sock and Awe for a minute, but got bored when I couldn’t hit him on the face. I suck at hitting the target. In fact, I suck at throwing things.

  5. Maria

    Heeeey you. I’m definitely stealing that pic, and it might appear on my FB. 😉 Hope you don’t mind!

    I just have to say that I’m lovin’ all of your entries. They’re very exhilarating, comical, and very witty. MashaAllah! I get on your blog daily, anxiously waiting for that update, and I’m never let down, so thank you for that. I’m so glad that you’re a frequent and consistent blogger!

    As for my lack of comments, I’m a lazy bum, and other people usually speak my mind, by putting my thoughts out in a much coherent manner than I can ever reach. So forgive the lack of comments, I’m working on it… =D

    Ah man, I totally forgot to wish you a Eid Mubarak. I’m sorry, dude! I hope you had a great time with your friends and family. ❤

    Take care, and keep up the good work!

  6. Ayesha – hehehhe *blushes* my bad!!
    But Ontario as the center of the universe? *snort* riiiiighhht. Where would y’all be without our AAA beef? Beefless, that’s where =P But, seriously, I may be moving to Ontario… guess I’ll have to give up my cowgirlin’ ways and settle for center of the universe then. Lol

    Nadia – LOL. Oh God, me too! I missed out on the hand eye coordination thing =/
    ps. Syrians are proud of the rumor that their shoes may have had something to do with it. LOOOL

    Maria – Yay!!! It’s Maria! Heyyyyy back at you!!! Of course I don’t mind =). And, holy crap, thanks!! *blushes madly* You really know how to lay it on!! Exhilarating, comical, and witty? Aww! *blushes* Thanks babe ❤
    And a belated Eid Mubarak to you too!! I had a pretty good Eid, alhamdulilah. I slept. A lot. I hope yours was amazing =) I have exams again, though, at the end of this month. But, inshAllah I’ll ttys, on msn or fb. ❤ you babe
    Take care, and keep up the comments! =P

  7. I love them all, LOL. ‘Shoe-cide’ happens to be my favorite term too! LOLZ.

    and yeah, you update so fast! (mashaAllah!) My reader is all nasty so when it updated, it gave me a whole page of posts to read!

  8. I know!! Haha!! One of the best I’ve heard.
    And now I feel guilty =( I haven’t been on wordpress at all in four days.
    Ugh. I can’t wait till exams are over! I need to catch up on my reading!!

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