Shake off the Rust

We were watching an Egyptian talk show (I think it’s called Hadaath al Sa3a – Event of the Hour) in which people are calling to congratulate or remark on our guy’s, Muntadhar al-Zaidi, shoe-throwing incident. 

Some remarks that had me laughing:

(woman) “I have one thing to say *pause* Le-le-le-le-leyyyyyysh!!!”
(man) “I usually wear a size 42, but from here on in count me as a size 44(10)!”
(man) “God’s hand was guiding that shoe – even when our hero missed Bush, it hit the American flag!” 


The majority of the callers thanked God, commented on how happy and proud they were, praised Zaidi, and pleaded with the Ummah to shake off the rust and stand for what they believe. 

I too praise Zaidi. I wonder at the courage it takes to do something like that, especially in light of the fact that he was imprisoned before, and therefore is fully aware of the consequences that await him.

And I plead with you and with myself, to wake up. To take action. I find it sadly pathetic that our actions are limited to throwing shoes. It screams of how pathetically futile we are. I pray that the beating Zaidi faced afterwards is not in vain. 

It’s time. To wake up, to believe, and to take action. For Palestine, for Afghanistan, for Iraq. For this Ummah.



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3 responses to “Shake off the Rust

  1. Ameen!

    It is sad also how so many ppl thought simply voting in the recent American election was gonna make a huge difference.

    NOT! We need to start within the Ummah… in shaa Allah.

    Nice post though 😉

  2. That’s interesting, lol on the comments. Really all we can do is throw rocks and shoes?

  3. Umm Travis – InshAllah!! I don’t believe that Obama is the answer to all our prayers. We face a reality in which our Ummah is falling apart at the seams. The optimist in me, however, prays that Obama’ll be able to bring about some change – even if all it is is a little more tolerance and a little less ignorance!

    Mona – LOL! I forgot to mention – it’s an Egyptian talk show, and they were all Egyptians!!
    And no, I believe we can do much, much, MUCH more than throw rocks and shoes. The only people taking action however are those whose hands are literally tied, who have been pushed to the point of sheer desperation while the rest of us watch and wait for some great leader to come along, take us by the hand and tell us what to do =(. And meanwhile they suffer, and die, and throw rocks and shoes. We need different actions. Actions that’ll get us somewhere, that’ll free Palestine and end the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    Sorry. Lol. The whole shoegate thing is getting to me.

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