My ‘Sugar’Daddy

Breakfast today:

S&S: “Pass the sugar, daddy?”

Will, drinking chai, snorts, chokes, gasps and sprays us all. Nastiness.

I pull a blank while I glare at him for a few seconds. Then realization hits and I literally fall out of my chair laughing.

Will: “Do not. Do not ever say that again. EVER.” 

My parents, naturally, asked why we were laughing.

They still don’t get it, and they probably never will because I refuse to explain sugardaddy to my folks. Not in this lifetime.

See, my daddy chooses to remain blissfully ignorant of his daughter’s ‘knowledge.’ Even if, while we’re watching T.V, I accidently let out a snort at some obvious sexual innuendo or something ‘I’m not supposed to get,’ he won’t say anything.

He prefers to be in his happy place, where his daughter has a pure, uncorrupt mind. And generally, I prefer to let him.



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4 responses to “My ‘Sugar’Daddy

  1. Ah parents…Yea some things just will not be explained!

  2. sandysays1

    Not acknowledging doesn’t mean not hurting. Visit my site- I have some posts you might gets some chuckles from.

  3. Sandy – Hmmm. You have a point. But I think the hurt is dulled by the not acknowledging part. Never underestimate the persuasive power of thinking! =P

  4. Similarly, my daddy has an exact thinking. After all these years, he still thinks of me as his naive little girl and holds my hand whenever I want to cross the road. 🙂

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